Homemade Pumpkin Halloween Card

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Pumpkin cut out of cute Halloween paper

Pumpkin cut out of cute Halloween paper

This homemade pumpkin card for Halloween was simple to make. I just found some really cute orange paper and cut out a design that looked like a pumpkin...I used a template made of cardboard to create the pumpkin design.

You can make a card using pictures, cut outs, ribbon, pieces of cloth, buttons, glitter, cut out letters or words, markers, paints...just about anything. Just create a design and keep moving your pictures and materials around until you see a design you really like. Once you have decided where you are going to place everything...start gluing!

It's fun to make a homemade card and the more you make the better you will become at design. It's a wonderful and creative way to make unique cards for your family and friends.

Find lots of materials and supplies, including card making paper, at the Amazon. Take a look at this inexpensive craft paper called Crayola Construction Paper, Assorted Colors, 96 count (99-3000)

If you like to scrapbook you can find supplies for that there too. I like to use scrapbook making supplies and papers to make cards. It gives me a lot of designs and materials to choose from.

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