Make A Homemade Princess Costume

You can make a homemade princess costume for Halloween. The princess costume needs some accessories and you might be able to make them yourself or you can buy them. A crown or a tiara is part of a princess costume unless you opt for a hennin...a large cone shaped pointed hat. It's a medieval look, so depending on what time in history you have chosen your princess from, you might need one.

Look at this Cinderella costume and the matching can see more by clicking on the picture. Or you can continue down the page and find out what you need to make your own costume.

Pink Princess Child Hat

Pink Princess Child Tiara

Pink Princess Wand

The Materials You Will Need

Here's what you will need to make a princess costume. The materials for your skirt and top are:
• 3 yards tulle, any color
• Plastic gemstones or sequins
• Fabric paint, any color
• Hot glue gun
• 2 yards of wide ribbon, any color
• Turtleneck

Here is what you will need for your princess hat:
• 1 - 11 x 17 sheet craft foam, any color
• 1 yard tulle, any color
• Hot glue gun
• Staple gun

And for your scepter (wand) the materials you need are:
• 12 inch wooden dowel
• 2 inch foam ball
• Thin ribbon, 1 yard

Princess Fiona - Shrek the Third Deluxe Child Costume

Princess Fiona Romper Infant Costume

Princess In Training Hat - Pink Child

How To Make A Princess Costume

Here is how you can make your princess costume:
1. Skirt - Cut tulle into 3 pieces, 36 inches each. Layer each piece on top of each other, center on the piece of wide ribbon, leaving 18 inches on each side. Use hot glue gun and glue tulle onto ribbon, one layer at a time. Decorate turtleneck with plastic gems and sequins and fabric paint.

2. Hat – Make knot in one end of the tulle. Roll up foam sheet like a cone, with the tulle coming out of the point. Staple cone together. Trim bottom evenly. Decorate as desired with fabric paint, plastic jewels, and ribbon.

3. Wand – Paint dowel rod, let dry. Push foam ball onto end, glue. Paint and decorate as desired. Tie ribbon where dowel meets ball, glue in place.

Storybook Jasmine Prestige Toddler/Child Costume

Storybook Snow White Prestige Child/Toddler Costume

Sugar Plum Fairy Child Costume

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