Easy Homemade Pirate Costume Ideas

Homemade Pirate Costume Ideas for girls and boys will help make your costume assembly easy and quick. A pirate costume is a fun disguise and it is easy to make at home. Is it Captain Hook or Jack Sparrow you be looking to dress as, Matey?

Take a look at these famous pirate characters from Pirates of the Caribbean or the famous kids movie, Peter Pan, and get some ideas on costumes and make up to use when you assemble your homemade costume.

Think about Pirate Costume Accessories like a cutlass sword, See Through Eye Patch with Gold Trim, a fancy rhinestone eye patch, skull jewelry, Pirate Map marked with an X, a tricorn hat, Pirate Pistol, Pirate Sword (Silver), a dreadlock wig...and anything else you want your pirate to have.

What You Will Need:

  • - Pirate Bandana, a red one looks best
  • -Black eye patch or black make-up
  • -Dark vest
  • -Long belt or dark sash
  • -Dark boots
  • -Large gold hoop earring (clip-on, if unpierced ears)
  • -Dark old pants
  • -White puffy shirt
  • -Dark Glove
  • -Wire coat hanger
  • -Tin foil
  • -Scissors

  • Make sure you have all the materials you need to assemble your costume before you begin. It is much easier to have everything on hand and ready to use rather than have to keep stopping to go and get what you need.

    How to put the costume together:

    1. Use the scissors to cut the bottom of each pant leg at the cuff and go up and down in a zigzag motion. Cut until they appear old and worn out.

    2. Put on the the white puffy shirt and add the vest over the top of it.

    3. Add the long belt or tie the sash around the waist.

    4. Tie the bandana on the side of the head, covering one ear.

    Here are some fun ideas for costume accessories to match your buccaneer disguise.

    5. Put the earring in the ear not covered by the bandana.

    6. Cover the eye with the patch or the dark make-up.

    7. Bend the wire hanger into the shape of a hook and cover with the tin foil.

    8. Put on the glove and hold the hook in your covered hand.

    The pirate costume with the hook is a great outfit to match someone's Tinkerbell costume if you like the idea of a couples costume.

    Choose a pirate name for yourself. Make it rugged and gruff...I might be "Porthole" Juliana Barbossa" or "Ratu Rosanna Buston." You also have to remember, if you are going to walk the walk...talk the talk...remember to say ahoy, matie, shiver me timbers, arrggg, and aye alot while you have this outfit on. Grab a bottle of pirate's rum and if you have a stuffed parrot tie it to your shoulder.

    Get more fun Halloween costume ideas from our Pink Pirate Costume Ideas where you can find lots of already made pirate costumes for the girls and women who want to dress up for a high seas adventure. There were lady pirates too you know!

    See the bottom of the page where you can learn to talk like a pirate. Your homemade pirate costume ideas will be complete when you sound just like the scallyway you are dressed up as!

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    Talk Like A Pirate To Enhance Your Homemade Pirate Costume Ideas

    When you choose to buy an already made pirate costume or make one using your homemade pirate costume ideas you should also learn to talk like a pirate too.

    Homemade pirate costume ideas are very popular ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were released. With Johnny Depp leading the cast we fell in love with swashbuckling heros all over again. Did you know that September 19th is talk like a pirate day? Imagine, pirates having their own holiday! The pirate dictionary goes kind of like this:

    • Aye means yes
    • Ye means You
    • Me means My or Mine
    • Ahoy means Hello There
    • Booty is Loot or Treasure
    • Davy Jones' Locker is the place a dead pirate goes to
    • Grog is a drink
    • Grub is food
    • Jolly Roger is the pirate flag with a skull and crossbones
    • Landlubber is someone who is not a pirate
    • Matey is a crew member or friend
    • Nay means no
    • Pieces of Eight is a silver coin
    • Shiver Me Timbers is like Popeye's well blow me down
    • Walking the Plank is getting rid of your enemies
    Now you look like a pirate and you talk like a pirate...so you are transformed with your homemade pirate costume ideas from a very special girl or guy into a Salty Old Sea Dog, A buccaneer, a scallywag, a Corsair...in other words a Pirate!

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