A Homemade Pirate Costume Is Easy To Make

It is easy to make a homemade pirate costume and it lets you get very creative with your designs. If you or your child wants to look like Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween you will need to purchase a few items to dress him or her like a true pirate. Many of the items can be found at a thrift store or look in your closets to really save a lot of money making this costume yourself.

Caribbean Buccaneer Adult Costume

Caribbean Pirate Child Costume

Caribbean Pirate Queen Adult Costume

You will need:

Black pants or a skirt, depending on whether the costume is for a boy or a girl. Typically for pants they are on the tighter side, but not so tight that they become uncomfortable. For the skirt it can be either long or short. For longer skirts the best kind to find is a peasant style skirt.

A white long sleeve shirt. Make sure that it is not too formal, and on the baggier side.

A black or red vest. The vest should not have any designs on it, unless it is a stripped pattern. If it is an old vest and headed for the trash anyway, you can cut holes on either side of the front with a hole puncher. Lace it up with leather shoe laces or yarn to make it look just like a pirates vest.

Tall black or brown boots. For women the boots can have a design or have a heel on them.

A hat or bandana.

An eyepatch.

A beard or mustache (extra)

Adjustable Skull Ring with Pewter Finish

Adult Lacey Pirate Hat

Ahoy Matey! Pirate Toddler Costume

How To Put Your Costume Together

To make your homemade pirate costume the first thing to do is cut the bottom of the shorts or long skirt below the knee.

Give them a rough look to make them look tattered and old.

Before you add the shirt you can add stains or tears all over the shirt.

Add the boots, vest, and hat or bandana and you will have an authentic looking pirate costume.

You can check out our online pirate costume catalog by clicking on any of the pictures on this page. You will find hats, eye patches, bandanas, wigs, boots, shoe covers, hook arms, swords and lots more fun ideas that are perfect to finish your homemade pirate costume.

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