A Homemade Mummy Costume

A homemade mummy costume may seem difficult to make due to the bandages that need to be wrapped around your body. The perfect mummy look can easily be created with a trip to your local department or thrift store. Or they might be as near as your linen closet.

Alluring Mummy Teen Costume

Mummified Child Costume

Mummy Adult Costume

Mummy Costume Materials

The materials you need are as follows:

  • Material to wrap your body in. Gauze is a popular material. This is the most important part of your costume as you want to look covered in bandages. The best place to find materials at a reasonable price is at a thrift store. There you can find a used pair of sheets that can be cut into strips to create the bandages.

  • Makeup to paint your face.

  • Something to cover your face. This can come from excess material from the sheets, or any other light fabric.

  • A pair of white long johns or a white sweat shirt and pants to wear under the bandages.

How To Wrap Your Mummy

To assemble, or wrap your mummy costume begin by cutting the sheets into strips. Make the strips as long as you can since this is how you will wrap yourself up as a mummy. The best way to keep the strips together is to sew them together, and then sew them to the under clothing to hold them all in place or use safety pins or even fabric glue.

To give the sheets an aged look, get the sheets nice and dirty and let them dry in the sun. Beat the sheets to get most of the dirt out but leaving a nice color to the sheets.

With the remaining material fashion a mask, making sure to leave holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally take some black make up and apply it under your eyes to give them the perfect mummy look.

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