Easy Homemade Medieval Costumes

You Can Make Homemade Medieval Costumes And Become A Medieval Maiden, A Knight, A Peasant Or Even One Of The Excutioners Who Strike Fear Into Anyone Around Them.

It's cheaper to make your own costume than it is to buy it and you get to be creative and have fun, so this year why not consider becoming a costume maker. Get your creative juices flowing with the medieval theme. It's got some really great outfits for you to consider. Here is how to make a knight costume.

Here is what your costume can look like...get some ideas from this online costume catalog.

Handmade Waist Cincher Renaissance Collection Adult

Heir To The Throne Infant/Toddler Costume

Highlander Shirt Renaissance Collection Adult Costume

Materials To Make Your Costume

Here is what you will need to make one of these fun medieval costume ideas:

  • A men’s large gray t-shirt
  • A red pair of leggings (workout leggings are fine)
  • A wide belt, brown or black
  • Black knee-high boots
  • A brightly-colored yellow or orange fleece blanket or a cape
  • A red marker

Step By Step Costume Instructions

1. Make sure the t-shirt is long enough so the hem can be cut out in places. You will make uneven cuts around the hem.

2. Draw and color-in the Cross of Lorraine on the front of the t-shirt.

3. Put on the leggings.

4. Put on the boots (the hem of the leggings should tuck into the boot-tops).

5. The belt should go around the waist.

6. Finally, the cape...or the blanket, can be attached at the shoulders.

Extra Costume Accessories

You can pick the colors you want your costume to be and there are ways to accessorize the costume, for extra effect. Look at the pictures on this page and copy some of the details with items you have at home. To make your homemade medieval costumes as realistic as be be include some of our examples:

1. Add a decorative Halloween sword and scabbard to the belt.

2. Add a breastplate.

3. Carry a crucifix.

4. Wear long gloves.

5. Get a sword and a shield.

Whatever you do with this costume, you are sure to attract attention at the party! This is a perfect Robin Hood male or female...you just need to add an bow and arrow and a hat. Anyone can attend as a knight or medieval maiden, or even as a monk. When was the last time you saw Joan of Arc at a costume party?

Knight Costumes

When you think about medieval times aren't there always knights in the picture? Here are some costume accessories you can use to complete your homemade medieval costumes. If you want to be a Knight, here is a breast plate, a sword and shield and even a Lady Knight costume for your wife or girlfriend.

Knights Breastplate

Knights Sword and Shield

Lady Knight Adult Costume

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