Homemade Madonna Costume Ideas

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Homemade Madonna costume ideas right out of the 80's.

Madonna is a costume that is easy as can be if you kept your clothes from the 80s. One thing she is known for is wearing a bustier as a top. Find a sexy one and put it on without a shirt at all. The more lace the better. Wear a pair of tight fitting leggings and a pair of black ankle boots.

Add a pair of lace gloves to your hands. If they have the fingers cut out that is even better for this costume. She always wore a ton of jewelry such as big necklaces and bracelets. After all, Madonna is a Material Girl, right?

Get out a curling iron and put your hair in ringlets. Don't forget to tie it up in a huge bow. With an eyeliner, place a beauty mark above your lip just likes Madonna for this homemade costume.

Easy and fun, the Madonna costume is a great way to dress up for Halloween this year. Find songs from the 80's that she sang for us then and give them a try now. get a microphone and sing for the people at your party.

Note from Jillian: Get more homemade costumes or Halloween costumes and ideas from our costume page.

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