Homemade Lucy and Desi Couples Costume Ideas

by Monkey Sue
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Homemade Lucy and Desi couples costume ideas from I Love Lucy. This is a great costume to wear with your husband or honey. Costumes you can make with clothes you have at home to go to that Halloween party dressed as Lucy and Desi from "I Love Lucy."

These costumes were a lot of fun. For Lucy you can wear a black dress with white polka dots on it. Look for a white apron to wrap around yourself and added some black high heels. Try to find a red curly wig from a friend. Last put on some bright makeup complete with red lipstick and pearl earrings.

For Desi, have your man wear his hair slicked back like Desi always wore his hair. Find him a a white button up shirt with a striped tie. Add some black slacks and a sport coat. Your mans costume will be finished with just black dress shoes. Practice saying, "Lucy, I'm home" with a Cuban accent like Desi has.

This outfit was very simple and you most likely have many of these items in your closet at home. These costumes are simple and you can have so much fun when you dress up as a couple.

Note from Jillian: Get more homemade costumes or Halloween costumes and ideas from our costume page.

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