Homemade Julius Caesar Costume Ideas

You can make a Homemade Julius Caesar Costume for Halloween this year. Julius Caesar was a Roman General and a Statesman in Rome. He was killed on the Ides of March, a date we know as March 15th in an assassination plot carried out by his fellow statesman. A famous line from a play is "Et tu, Brute?" or "You too, Brutus" when he realized his friend was stabbing him along with the others. So, you either love history or feel like you have no friends, which is it?

Your homemade Caesar costume will probably be made with materials you already have in your house. You can start out with a big white sheet. You will want to wrap it around yourself like a toga and safety pin it on yourself. It is very simple to do. Wrap it around your waist a couple of times and safety pin it. Next drape it over your shoulder and safety pin the rest in the back. Find some rope and spray paint it gold to tie around your waist as a belt.

Next you will want to make a crown of leaves for your head. You can do this with fake leaves, that's the easiest way. You will want to wear simple sandals on your feet. You can wrap ribbon up your ankle to look like Roman shoes. This will be one of the easiest costumes you have ever made for yourself at home.

There are also some costume accessories you can buy if you want to. The headpieces aren't very expensive and they might be easier to buy than to make.

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