Gallery of Homemade Card Pictures

Look at our Gallery of Homemade Card Pictures. It is so much fun and it is easy to make your own greeting cards. We like it so much we want to share the details with you.

If you already know how to assemble homemade cards why not share some of your secrets and tips with us. It is always fun to learn a new method of card folding or paper cutting that will make our homemade cards look better than ever.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures of cards we made. If you have some greetings you made and are particularly proud of, why not let us see them too. Let's share looks, ideas and shortcuts!

Did you make some homemade greeting cards? Share your ideas with us!

If you have a story about card making or if you can tell us how to make your own greeting card, we would love to hear from you. Show us a picture of your homemade card too. Take a look at our handmade greeting cards for birthdays Christmas, Halloween, Easter, just thinking of for any reason at all. Give us some fun and easy card making tips and ideas we can use when we make our next card. Take some of our ideas too.

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Homemade Pumpkin Halloween Card  Not rated yet
This homemade pumpkin card for Halloween was simple to make. I just found some really cute orange paper and cut out a design that looked like a pumpkin...I …

Homemade Dracula Halloween Card Not rated yet
Here is a cute little Dracula I put on a homemade Halloween card and he is cute as can be. I find a lot of my card making supplies at the Oriental Trading …

Halloween Scrapbook Paper, Supplies and Layouts Not rated yet
I make homemade Halloween cards from my Halloween scrapbook paper and supplies. I also get my greeting card layout ideas from scrapbook layouts I see. …

Make A Count Dracula Halloween Card Not rated yet
You can make a Count Dracula Halloween card. Yes, you can. I did, just take a look how cute this homemade card came out. I think it looks great. It …

Making Halloween Cards Is Fun And Easy Not rated yet
Making Halloween cards is fun and easy for just about everyone. If I can do, you can do it. I seem to have lots of thumbs when it comes to detailed work, …

Making Halloween Cards The Mummy Not rated yet
I enjoy making Halloween cards so when I found this simple design with the mummy on it, I had to have it. I think this little mummy embellishment is the …

Homemade Halloween Greeting Card Pictures Not rated yet
Here is another homemade Halloween greeting card I took a picture of. It is simple to take two or three patterns on paper and combine them onto a piece …

My Homemade Halloween Cards Look At These Pictures! Not rated yet
Here are some homemade Halloween cards I am going to send out to my neices and nephews this year. I will post lots of pictures of homemade cards since …

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