Homemade Box Costumes

Homemade Box Costumes Don’t Have To Be "Square"! (Use a rectangular box!) I Just Couldn't Resist A Little Card Board Box Halloween Humor!

Making your own Halloween costume is fun, easy and it's a much cheaper costume than one you would buy in a store. So if your looking for a unique costume idea that will save you money, check out these ideas for homemade box costumes. You can find many different ideas for some easy to make costumes and also lots of Halloween costume ideas.

Does your homemade box costume need any accessories?

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Store bought costumes can be costly, and how embarrassing would it be to meet up with someone in the exact same costume?! Save your money and make your own box costume.

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Quick And Easy Homemade Box Costume Ideas

A Playing Card

It doesn’t have to be the ace of spades necessarily, but to be any kind of playing card use large flats of straightened cardboard box. Use your computer and printer to create a pattern or image to paste on your flats. Punch holes at the top of each flat to feed twine or strong string through, and wear like a sandwich board.

A Robot

Using a larger box such as one that a vacuum would come in, paint it silver, cut a hole in the top for your head, and you’re a robot!

A Fridge - The Refrigerator Costume

Again, using a larger box with a hole cut in the bottom; paint it white with a black “handle” (or attach one) and you’re a fridge!

A Computer

Using a large and a small box, paint either tan or silver. Draw a keyboard on the larger bottom box or carry a keyboard or mouse around, and you’re a computer!

A Present

Wrap your box in decorative paper, put a bow on your head, and go as a present.

A Jack-in-the-Box

Paint your box bright colors, cut a hole in the bottom for your head, attach a crank or lever and go as a jack-in-the-box.

Dice or Make 2 Dice For A Fun Couples Costume Idea

Get a friend and go as a pair of dice. Paint your boxes white and paint or color in the black dots. Attach string connecting the two of you and cover your box with colored felt-you’re now a pair of fuzzy dice!

Cardboard boxes are easy to find, and you can make a great costume from them using simple things easily found around the house. Let your imagination roam freely, and your cardboard box costume will be a hit!

If your looking for a Halloween costume idea, homemade box costumes might just be the costume pattern your looking what you are looking for!

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Boo Bash Party Pack

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Twilight Costumes are, for the most part, easy homemade costumes that will be popular this Halloween. Go to your costume party as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale or as Jessica and Mike, Bella's friends from Fork's High School. Pick a Quileute to go as, a Volturi Vampire or the High School Biology teacher with his Golden Onion Award!

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