Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume Ideas

by Butterfly
(Bedminster, New Jersey, USA)

We made a homemade Alice In Wonderland costume and it was easy. Recently I helped my daughter to dress up like Alice In Wonderland for Halloween. This costume is pretty simple. We found a plain blue dress in her closet. The most important thing is the white apron that you tie around the waist.

We then put on white stockings up to her knees that she already owned. White tights work perfect too. We then put on a pair of black dress shoes. If your daughter does not have blond hair, a blond wig is a nice addition.

Make sure you tie a black bow around her head like a headband. You should have most of this stuff already in her closest. If you don't have it, ask a friend if you can borrow something from them. This is a very simple costume that looks adorable. Your child will be the hit of the school party or Halloween parade.

Note from Jillian: Get more homemade costumes or Halloween costumes and ideas from our costume page.

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