Groovy Hippie Chick Party Ideas For Girls

Retro Hippie Chick Party Ideas for girls are a groovy birthday party theme. And you can find hippie party supplies with pink peace signs on them for your daughter's next birthday celebration. This pretty brown and pink party supply pattern comes with everything you need to decorate your party room, all the party ware pieces...plates, cups and need, plus lots of fun games, crafts and party favor your party really will be a "Groovy Event!" Far Out!

You can use those funny old sayings as part of a Flower Power Party Charades game. How would you try to get your team mates to say Groovy?

Get Your Peace Sign Party Supplies Here

There are some fun party supplies you can find in the Hippie party pattern. Some of them can be the Happy Birthday Banner or the Hippie Buttons. Everyone loves personalized party items. To take a look at any of these fun supplies just click on the picture.

Hippie Chick Personalized Banner

Hippie Chick Personalized Button

Hippie Chick Personalized Invitation

Party Favor Boxes are always a popular gift at a girl's birthday party. This favor box is one way to give peace a chance...the Hippie Favor Set contains:

  • 1 Flower Stickers
  • 1 Peace Sign Straw
  • 1 Groovy Stamper
  • 1 Peace Bracelet
  • 1 T-Shirt Lip Gloss
  • 1 Pastel Dot Bag

There is also an Ultimate Hippie Party Favor set that comes in a denim bag and will have all your party guests "feeling groovy! These party sets come with an embroidered denim tote bag and contain:
  • 1 Peace Sign Straw
  • 1 Body Glitter
  • 1 T-Shirt Lip Gloss
  • 1 Braided Hair Extension
  • 1 Peace Bracelet
  • 1 Butterfly Bubble Necklace
  • 1 Daisy Ball

Hippie Chick Favor Set

Hippie Chick Birthday Box

Hippie Chick Ultimate Favor Set

Hippie Chick Party Game Ideas For A Groovy Girls Birthday Party

Hippies or Flower Children love having a good time...and they want to give peace a chance so start your party games with a peaceful game. Pin the Peace Sign on the Hippie! Draw a Picture of a cute Flower Child and make lots of small peace signs. Put some double sided tape on each peace sign. Play this fun game like you would Pin the Tail on the can put any spin you like on the great classic party games.

Far Out Party Game 2.)Groovy Hair...this is a fun girls party activity. Get colored hair spray and give every one some psychedelic streaks. The Chicks at your party are to look Groovy with their colorful hair. You can also braid strands of colorful string or ribbons into your hippie guests hair. It too will look groovy...that means it is time to take some fun pictures.

Hippie Clothes Relay...Have the girls form two teams. Set up a race course with a start and a mid-point. At the mid-point have two chairs each with a bag of hippie style clothing...bell bottoms, a floppy hat, a peace sign necklace and a tie-dyed t-shirt...or get two hippie clothing costumes. Have each girl put on this far out hippie costume. They then must circle the chair three times saying "All I am saying is give peace a chance." Then have the girls take the hippie clothes off and head back to the start line. When they reach the start line and tag the next player she must do the same thing. Take pictures of the girls competing in this silly indoor relay race. It's lots of fun...the game is over when all the team members of one team are finished.

Face Painting is always fun at a girls birthday party but this is the perfect party theme for it. Get some pretty glitter face paint and draw some hippie flowers or a peace sign on each girl's cheek. How's that for a groovy 60's hippie look!

Hippie Tattoos...temporary tattoos are easy and fun to use and you can find them with Hippie art work on them...Perfect!

Make some huge tissue flowers with some large sheets of tissue paper or a tissue flower making kit. This is a very easy girls craft idea.

Sand Painting is pretty hippish! Get bright colored sand so it's psychedelic. Let the girls fill a container with sand of different colors. Each girl will create a unique craft project and have lots of fun while they are crafting.

Check out the Far Out Pinata games on the right hand side of this page. One is a Love Bug and the other girls pinata matches this party supply pattern. Either one will be fun for the girls at your party.

Hippie Chicks like to play games as much as other kids so be sure to plan a lot of them. More fun crafts include:

More fun Hippie Chick party supplies! Kids will enjoy these cute zipper pulls and crazy hippie style the mylar balloons will help decorate your party room.

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