High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3...This popular Tween and Teen party idea is easy to plan and prepare for. HSM3 party supplies are easy to find and fun to decorate with.

You will find "Party Packs" with all the fixings you will need for up to 8 party guests, including High School Musical party invitations. Party Packs come in four different sizes: Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Extreme. These packs start at 19.99...pick the HSM3 party supply pack that fits your party needs and your party budget!

You can get a personalized party banner with the High School Musical characters on it! Your daughter will love that...and that's not all. You can get a Wildcats cheerleader megaphone pinata with pull strings or a High School Musical pinata without strings. All you have to do if fill this pinata with candy or goodies and hang this party game up. Make sure there is enough "swinging room" if you need it and you've got a fun party activity.

Get a Troy Photo Standup!

Is Troy your daughter's favorite HSM character? Thrill her with a life size "Troy Standup". There are two of Troy to choose from! This Troy standup is 5' 11" and it will make for some great party photos. The other cast members have photo standups too. Photo standups come in these HSM characters:

  • Gabriella Montez
  • Sharpay Evens
  • Chad Danforth
Make sure you get a picture of everyone with Troy, either as a group or individually. You can surprise everyone and enclose a copy of their photo in with your party thank you notes!

HMS Party Favors and Games

Removable HMS wall decorations are available in a set of 19 pieces...they are great for decorating a party room or an HMS fans bedroom.

There are plenty of game ideas you can use with your High School Musical 3 party ideas. Check out the HMS bingo, a Dance Mat, High School Musical Fashion Designer for some party activity ideas.

HMS sports bottles make a fun and useful party favor...unless you want to buy the that includes:

  • A Box
  • A Play Microphone
  • A Gel Pen
  • HMS Notepad
  • HMS Stickers
  • An HMS button

Get some temporary Wildcat tattoos and apply one...or more to each of your party guests. You can always do a little face painting too. Just paint a design on each guest. It can be a star or a line or a flower. Use a gentle face paint with some glitter in it. Face painting is so much fun and the kids love it.

How about the ultimate party cup? A Star Megaphone Cup You know everyone will be singing into them...you can buy them individually or these cups are included in the Ultimate Party Pack.

Take your pick of these great High School Musical 3 party supplies and watch the smiles on everyone's face when they see them...especially the Birthday Girl!"

High School Musical Cake Topper

Look at this great cake topper. You can bake and decorate the birthday cake yourself...with a little help from this High School Musical cake topper!

Imagine how proud your daughter will be when she announces that her Mom made the cake!

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