Here's an Awesome Pumpkin Picture...It's a Scorpion

by Jillian, The Pumpkin Queen
(Edison, New Jersey, The Garden State, USA)

Scary Pumpkin Carving     A Scorpion Sculpture Made With Pumpkins

Scary Pumpkin Carving A Scorpion Sculpture Made With Pumpkins

We found this Scorpion made from Pumpkins at the Giant Pumpkin Carve in Salem County, NJ. Just look at this amazing pumpkin design. How do you think they did it?

If these pictures make you want to design some really awesome pumpkins but you are a beginner we can help! Just check out our Pumpkin Decorating Kits and find the perfect pumpkin carving tool kit so you can create some fantastic designs.

It's really not as difficult as it looks. When you make your first detailed pumpkin carving using one of the templates and tools kits you find, you are going to say to yourself, "I can't believe how simple that was!" So head over and get yourself a decorating kit...they work with watermelons too.

This Scorpion pumpkin creation isn't that simple or easy to save this one for next year...make sure you have a good plan when you start this kind of project! It's really amazing to look at, isn't it? Make sure you check out the tiger made from pumpkins too.

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