Here's A Picture of A Baby Shower Diaper Cake

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, NJ)

The Baby Shower Diaper Cake   Pretty In Pink And Blue

The Baby Shower Diaper Cake Pretty In Pink And Blue

This diaper cake is very simple and it looks great. You can make one for the next baby shower you go to if you like. Just keep these simple tips in mind.

Get small diapers. Roll each one up and put an elastic band on it. Stand them up on a round piece of cardboard like a cake tray. Get several size cake trays to make it a layer cake. Each tray should get smaller as you go up.

So roll and elastic band the diapers. Stand them next to each other and lay the next tray on top and repeat until your diaper cake is as tall as you like.

On this cake some wide polka dot ribbon was wrapped around each layer and the top was crowned with some pretty blue and pink silk flowers.

You can wrap each layer in paper or a baby blanket or towel if you like. You can also tape baby supplies on the cake, but you can ruin some of the diapers so be careful. Add a plush animal or something to match with the theme of the shower.

Your cake will look great and you can carry it in a box you get from a bakery.

Diaper Cakes are's Speciality! If you don't want to make a diaper cake for the baby shower you are going to you can buy one.

This was a fun shower and the set up was simple. Since the couple doesn't know whether they are having a boy or a girl the room was decorated in pink and blue. A Wishing Well was set up and we were all asked to bring baby books for it so my friend will be reading to her baby alot! Click here for high quality personalized children's books

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