Here's a Fun Baby Shower Game

by Suze Robins
(Greenbrook, New Jersey, USA)

Here's a simple and a fun Baby Shower Game. It is one of the easiest and most fun games to play at a baby shower is called "The Baby Game".

The rules are simple and its great for everyone who comes to the shower. When each person arrives pin a diaper pin on their shirt. You can also use safety pins with blue or pink ribbon on them.

The game is simple. If you catch someone saying the word "baby" you get their pin and any pins that they happen to have gotten over the course of the shower. At the end of the shower the person with the most pins gets a prize.

There are variations to the game where you can use the word "pregnant" or "mommy" or "diaper", but baby really is the best word to use because it comes up so often!

Make sure you have some cute baby shower game prizes to give to your guests. Everyone like to win a prize!

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