Here's A Cute Design Carved Into A Giant Pumpkin

by Jillian, The Pumpkin Queen
(Edison, New Jersey, The Garden State, NJ)

Carved Pumpkin from the Giant Pumpkin Carve

Carved Pumpkin from the Giant Pumpkin Carve

Joyful and I went to the Giant Pumpkin Carve...a Meals on Wheels fund raiser in Salem County, NJ. Be sure to check it out next's good old fashion fun. A simple pumpkin carving exhibition, prizes get awarded, some pumpkins are really quite amazing and some are pretty simple, but it's for a great cause and it is a fun family day.

This is a cute design that was carved into one of the giant pumpkins. I see four costumed characters in it...why don't you let me know what you think it is...

You can find lots of pumpkin carving templates and carving tools on our Pumpkin Decorating Kits page. Look at the different styles and choose the kit that has what you and your kids need to carve some funny, cute or scary pumpkin designs this year.

These giant pumpkins were donated by a Salem County pumpkin farm and were all home grown in New Jersey, the Garden State!

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