Hello Kitty Themed Party Supplies

Hello Kitty Themed Party Supplies Are Perfect For A Girls Birthday Party.

Get ready for your kids birthday party with some Hello Kitty themed party supplies. Take a look at the wonderful assortment of party decorations and supplies you can get...all starring, Hello Kitty! This little Kitty is a kids favorite party theme and it's an easy party to plan.

Start with a party kit filled with enough Hello Kitty Party Supplies for up to 8 kids. You will find plates, cups, napkins, party invitations, streamers and balloons. You can use all these to set up your party table and decorate your party room. There are other decorations and party favors you can buy, but these party packs have all the basic supplies you need. They are easy to find, (just click on any picture) and when you order them online they will be delivered right to your door.

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas are simple. You can get a Hello Kitty cake pan or buy a Hello Kitty cake topper. If you can decorate cakes, the cake pan will be your logical choice. Bake your cake and then decorate it to look just like Hello Kitty.

If you are not too sure of your cake designing skills, order the Hello Kitty cake topper. It's a little statue of Kitty and all you have to do is place it on top of your frosted cake. It looks great! Either cake will thrill all of the little Hello Kitty fans at your celebration.

Free Printable Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Free printable Hello Kitty Coloring pages are the perfect party activity for your Hello Kitty themed party. Kids love to color and free coloring pages are the way to go. Just go to Hello Kitty Coloring Pages, print out all the free coloring sheets you need to entertain your guests.

Hello Kitty Party Favor Ideas

There are many different Hello Kitty Party Favor ideas you can choose from. Get some sticker or tattoos, a pez Hello Kitty, or a party favor box filled with:

  • Hello Kitty blowout
  • Hello Kitty sticker sheet
  • Hello Kitty ring
  • 4 Butterfly hair clips
  • Cellphone lip gloss
  • Heart sunglasses
And it comes with a polka dot favor box. How's that for a fun kids party favor?

Buy them in a box or separately, which ever you decide, your party guests will be thrilled with these Hello Kitty goodies.

Hello Kitty Party Games

Hello Kitty Party Games are a necessity when you are hosting a Hello Kitty birthday party. There's a pull string Hello Kitty Pinata that's not only a safe party game...it's a fun party game. Fill the pinata with some goodies and let the kids each pull a string until the pinata breaks open and the goodies spill out. Give each party guest a bag to put the goodies they collect in.

Hello Kitty Tattoos, Stickers and Pez Dispensers

Here are a few more Hello Kitty Themed Party Supplies for you to take a look out. The Hello Kitty Tattoos are very popular and they are temporary tattoos that will come off with a good washing. The Pez dispensers are not only fun, many people like to collect them...they are pretty cute! There are also some mylar balloons with the Hello Kitty theme on them.

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