Hello Kitty Invitation To A Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Party

Start your party planning with Hello Kitty Invitation pack. It has eight invites in it and they are ready for you to fill in with your party information. Who, Where, When and Why...fill in your party details, address the envelopes and send the invitations out to your party guest list. You have chosen your theme, Hello Kitty, and have the time, place and date of your childs birthday party.

Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Favor Box

Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Game

Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Pack Add-On

Now it's time to get your supplies and decorations, plan your Hello Kitty cake...will you make it yourself and decorate it with a cake topper kit? Will you use a novelty Hello Kitty shaped cake pan and decorate it with frosting and a cake decorating kit? Or will you make cupcakes and put a Hello Kitty birthday candle on each one. Birthday cakes are fun to design and decorate...and it can be easy too, when you use these simple tools that we have here to show you.

Check out the Hello Kitty Cake Pans I Found!

Hello Kitty Party Games

Once you have filled out each Hello Kitty invitation and they are all out in the mail you can relax for a while...when the RSVP's come in you will know how many guests you can expect at your party. When you know how many children will be attending buying your party supplies and party favors is easy.

Get a few extra favor ideas to use as party game prizes...plan a few games...perhaps the Hello Kitty pull string pinata will be one of them...kids love the pinata game! Fill the pinata with goodies and treats. Blindfold each child when it's their turn...spin them around and point them in the direction of the hung up pinata. Each child can pull one string...keep the game going until someone pulls the string that will open the pinata so the kids can gather up all the goodies!

Make a Hello Kitty Birthday Bingo game using stickers. Have a Kitty Treasure Hunt...hide temporary tattoos and stickers in plastic eggs. Put them everywhere in the party room or in your yard and let the kids hunt for them. Of course, everyone can keep what they find! Get a Hello Kitty Poster and play Pin the Bow on Kitty. Every little girl recognizes Kitty's bow and it makes a fun item to pin on Kitty during this fun kids party game.

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Hello Kitty Cake Mold Pans

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