Hello Kitty Games Make Great Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Hello Kitty Games make great birthday party gift ideas and they make great party games for kids too.

When the party theme is Hello Kitty...they are the perfect party games and your guests will enjoy them so much! Take a look at the fun kids party games we found and they all have that special Kitty as the theme.

Hello Kitty Party Deluxe Birthday Box

Hello Kitty Pinata Party Game Ideas

One of the most popular kids party games is a pinata...and this Hello Kitty Pinata is going to be the favorite game at your Kitty party. The pinata game is an easy game to plan and prepare for. The Hello Kitty pull string pinata is a fun and a safe game for kids. Fill the pinata with goodies and treats...hang up the pinata, line up the children and blindfold each one when it is their turn. Let each child pull a string...it might be the one that breaks the pinata open...then the goodies will spill out and the kids will scramble to gather as many goodies as they can. It's always a fun time when you have a pinata!

Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Game

Hello Kitty Party Games are fun to play when you know where to find them...and you can find them here. This Balloon Dreams game is a twist on that old classic party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This pin the ... on game involves Hello Kitty and her bow. Take a look at this fun party game idea!

Hello Kitty Party Game

Hello Kitty Party Game

Hello Kitty Yahtzee

Hello Kitty Yahtzee is a fun game for kids and adults. Try to roll the dice so you get five of the same number...5 is a Yahtzee. You can also get a straight, three of a kind, four of a kind, and many more number combinations. Yahtzee is also a great way to help your kids learn a little bit about numbers and math...that's right...it's a math game! One that kids and adults really enjoy playing. And now it comes with a Hello Kitty theme.

YAHTZEE: Hello Kitty Collector's Edition

YAHTZEE: Hello Kitty Collector's Edition

Hello Kitty brings a sweet style to America's all-time #1 dice game in this special Collector's Edition of YAHTZEE. Custom dice featuring Hello Kitty and her friends Mimmy, Joey, Tracy, Fifi and Jodie are ready for you to shake up and roll cute dice combinations like Full House, Large Straight and Five of a Kind. A custom-shaped Hello Kitty dice cup packaged in a travel-sized box make this YAHTZEE game with a Hello Kitty twist a treasured collector's item for fans of all ages. Game comes complete with 5 collectible dice, custom score pad and pencil. For 1 or more players, ages 8 and up.

Hello Kitty Monopoly

Monopoly has been around for decades but now there's a new game in town...Hello Kitty Monopoly. Buy streets and shops in Hello Kitty's hometown of London, England. Monopoly is another fun game that can teach kids, just like Yahtzee. Learn to wheel and deal, buy real estate, collect rent...and have fun when you are doing it.

Monopoly Hello Kitty

Monopoly Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty brings a sweet style to America's favorite board game in this special Collector's Edition of the MONOPOLY game. Enter Hello Kitty's world as you buy, sell and trade locations in her hometown of London such as the Bakery, the Music Theatre, the School Library and Playground. For 2 - 6 players, ages 8 and up.

Contents Include: six collectible tokens depicting favorite Hello Kitty items: classic bow, apples, lunch box, milk bottle, fish bowl and teddy bear.

Which Kitty Are You Game

Which Kitty Are You helps you find out which kitty personality you have. Learn about your "inner Kitty". This board game will have everyone laughing, having fun and understanding more about their kitty personalities.

Which Hello Kitty Are You?

Which Hello Kitty Are You?

Are you more like the Hello Kitty that loves the outdoors or the one that wants to be inside playing guitar? Start by playing the fast paced card game where numbers quickly go up and down. The first player to win four rounds gets to answer personality cards and find out which Hello Kitty she's most like. For 2 players, ages 8 and up.

Contents: hello Kitty 88 card deck, 49 Hello Kitty question cards, 14 plastic tokens, rules and personality guide booklet.

46 Piece Hello Kitty Puzzle

The 46 Piece Hello Kitty puzzle is fun for kids to put together. Use this puzzle as a party game or just put it together any time your kids like...

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Hello Kitty Cake Pans and Molds

Visit Hello Kitty Cake Pans

Want more Hello Kitty fun ideas? You have found lots of fun Hello Kitty games and now let's find a Hello Kitty cake. How about making your own homemade birthday Hello Kitty cake...with one of these fun cake molds or pans. Hello Kitty is a popular kids party theme and it is easy to make your very own Hello Kitty cake.

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