Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Do you need some Hello Kitty coloring pages? If you are having a Hello Kitty party theme for your child's next birthday these coloring pictures will come in handy to use as a party activity. Or you can put some in a goodie bag with a box of crayons and you have a party favor!

This is such a popular theme for younger kids. Kids love to color and these printable pages are free...now how can you resist?

You can find 33 Hello Kitty coloring pages at this first link. Print out one or all for some party fun.

Hello Kitty

About Hello Kitty and Friends

Hello Kitty was born on Nov. 1, 1974 in London, England. Kitty is great at baking cookies, making pancakes and bows! Her favorite food is Apple pie. She likes to travel, read and most of all...make new friends! She also has a twin sister Mimi who she loves very much.

Kitty has lots of friends. They are:

  • Timmy and Tammy-two little monkeys
  • Cathy-a rabbit
  • Tracy-a racoon
  • Rory-a squirrel
  • Thomas-a bear
  • Fifi-a dog
  • Joey-a mouse
  • Mory-a seal
  • Jody-a dog
  • Tippy-a bear
  • Tiny Chum-a little bear

Hello Kitty Pics

Print them all out, or just a few, which ever you prefer. You can use them at a party, but you can also use them on a rainy day when your kids are stuck inside with nothing to do. You can just print these pages out and there's a fun activity. You are going to amaze your kids with all your great, fun ideas Mom! They are going to be wondering how you are so smart. You always know how to help them have fun.

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