Headless Man Carved Pumpkin Display

by Jillian The Pumpkin Queen
(Edison, New Jersey, The Garden State, USA)

Headless Man Pumpkin Display

Headless Man Pumpkin Display

This is the Headless Man carved pumpkin display we found at the Giant Pumpkin Carve. It's a fundraiser that is held every year for Meals on Wheels in Salem County. This year 60 pumpkins were carved and judged. It took two barns to display them all. Most of the pumpkins that were decorated weighed in at about 50 pounds...that must be why they call it "Giant"!

Other pumpkins were painted and sold for under ten dollars...plus at the very end you could buy some uncarved 50 pound pumpkins. It was a fun day and we saw some really amazing pumpkins carved by artists and contestants on Saturday morning.

This display was a man's body made of stuffed clothes and he is holding up his own pumpkin head. I imagine there is a pole in the center of the body to keep it upright. It must have been pretty tricky to complete since the body has to also support the pumpkin...and it's off center.

I would think that would make it tip over...am I right or am I wrong about that? If you know what's keeping this display standing please explain it to me!

However they managed it, this pumpkin display was one of the best...at least in the top ten or fifteen. There were many amazing carved pumpkins on display this year.
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