Kids Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas - Let's Luau

Kids Hawaiian birthday party ideas brings luau themed backyard party ideas to mind. You can find wonderful Hawaiian luau foods, luau cake ideas and fun decorations. Get your luau checklist ready and start planning some Hawaiian games to play. Luau games are fun for everyone and the perfect party music is Hawaiian music. See the fun Hawaiian birthday party ideas and the Luau cake ideas we have for you here on our Hawaiian Luau party page. Find everything you need to plan and host a unique kids party theme.

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For a kids Hawaiian style birthday party there are so many fun and easy things you can do! When you talk about Hawaii I just imagine a luau type theme complete with tiki huts, grass skirts and flower leis.

As the children arrive you can assume the role of the official Luau greeter and put a flower lei around each one's neck and say to them, "Aloha" or welcome. It's an ancient Hawaiian tradition and I don't want to break it at my you? It is a lovely custom and it is easy to include in your parties ceremonies.

If the weather cooperates the Luau themed party can be held out of doors in your backyard. Here is where the fun begins, with the huge amount of party decorations you have to decide from. Tiki torches, paper flowers, hollowed out pineapples and coconuts can be filled with flowers to make each table look like a tropical garden.

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations

Hawaiian Luau party decorations are fun and there are a lot of them. So you will be looking at decorations for a while. Don't worry you are sure to be able to pick your favorites out quickly. There are some really cute ideas for partyware and the tropical decorations that match them. Tikis, palm trees, tropical fish, grass skirts and colorful flowers all remind us of the wonderful islands of Hawaii. With Hawaiian birthday party ideas you can make some brightly colored Tissue Paper Flowers

You can choose from fun party supply sets with themes like:

  • Hibiscus Flowers
  • Beach Monkey
  • Hula Dancer
  • Flip Flops
  • Cabana Cove
  • Luau Parrots
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Shells
  • Lucky Ducky
  • Tropical Shirts

Creating Tropical Luau Recipes

Creating some tropical Luau recipes will be easy. Just take a look at the Hawaiian luau foods that can be on your kids party menu. Foods like chicken, rice, pineapple can go right on your luau checklist. No one will complain if you add hot dogs and hamburgers to that menu either. Some macaroni salad or macaroni and cheese are always big hits with the younger kids and I bet they serve those food ideas in Hawaii too. To make your everyday simple luau recipes look like a tropical feast put the foods on kabob sticks.

Fruit kabobs sound like a tropical luau recipe to me. And more important your young party guests will enjoy them. Serve them with a mixed bowl of plain yogurt and marshmallow in a Fluff. It doesn't have to be just pineapple, even though pineapple does mean welcome in Hawaiian. Add some colorful and in season fruit. Some tropical looking suggestions are strawberries, cherries, grapes and melons.

One party idea I saw used the empty pineapple shells as cups. They served up Tropical Hawaiian Punch in the pineapples with straws. So depending on how many pineapples you have, this could be a unique party cup idea. You can also buy plastic pineapple cups or plastic coconut cups with a straw and they might be cheaper than the pineapples.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

When you read Hawaiian Luau party games I bet you started thinking about the same two games that I did...the Limbo and the Hula. Both are tropical party favorites. Just add a little authentic Hawaiian party tunes and you've got all you need to Hula. Hawaiian birthday party ideas just wouldn't work without plenty of fun party games.

Hula Lessons
Get everyone up and teach them how to do the hula. It's all in the hips. It's a fun dance and you can hand out some grass skirts to make it authentic. Look at pictures of a hula dancer at our Adult Luau party ideas page.

Hula Hoops
Get out the hula hoops and let everyone see how many they can spin at once. Hula hoops sound so Hawaiian, even if they are not, they will be a fun addition to your luau party games checklist.

Buy Some Luau Party Games
Some fun game ideas you can buy (or if you are handy you can make your own luau birthday party games) at one of our favorite online party stores, the Oriental Trading Company. Take a look at the inflatable Flamingo Toss, the Dolphin or the Octopus ring toss games...just blow them up to inflate them and they are ready to go. They come with the rings you need.

Tropical Bean Bag Games
There are also a couple bean bag sets you may like. For a Hawaiian theme you might choose the Whale or the Tropical Fish Bean Bag Toss Game (this are two of the games you might be able to make yourself).

Football Hawaiian Style
How about a game of Luau style catch with the hibiscus patterned footballs you can find. There are even Hawaiian potato sacks so you can host a potato sack race. You can buy these sacks or they might be another easy to make game.

Luau Bingo
Another game that is easy to make and fun to play is Luau Bingo. Just get some Luau clip art or stickers and make bingo boards with them. Or you can use Hawaiian words like Aloha, Mahalo, Lei, Hula, Each bingo board has 25 squares on it. The one in the center is a free square. Put your stickers on all the others making sure each line doesn't have the same sticker. No, this is not seduko! As you put your stickers on each card write down the symbol or picture that is on each one on small sheets of paper. These will double as your bingo balls. Call out what is on the paper and let each child x it off their card. The first one to get a full line or a full board is the winner!

We thought these games were the perfect choices for kids Hawaiian birthday party ideas. After all, a kids party is all about fun.

Luau Birthday Cakes

What kind of Hawaiian birthday party ideas would these be if they didn't include a Luau cake recipe?

Luau birthday cakes, or cupcakes, are fun to think about. Your cake decorating designs can be intricate and involved like making a chocolate volcano cake recipe or simple as can be...using cupcake rings or edible cake toppers to put on your frosted cake. Some cupcake rings look like palm trees or choose the Paradise Safari Character Cupcake Picks that look like Hula dancers. There are tropical fish candles that would look great on a Hawaiian birthday cake or cupcakes. No matter what your cake decorating skill level there are plenty of ways for you to make a really nice birthday cake.

Luau Kids Party Favor Ideas

The party favors you can choose from when you are using Hawaiian birthday party ideas are great. You are already thinking about the leis and the grass skirts because you can introduce them early in the party and use them for part of the party entertainment. Here is a partial list of party favors you can use for a luau:

  • Bubbles in tropical themed containers (Aloha bubbles)
  • Hibiscus flowers for a young girls hair
  • Flip Flop Erasers
  • Flip Flop Notepads
  • Tropical Design Pencils
  • Inflatable Hibiscus Beach Balls
  • Luau Rubber Duckies
  • Surfer Rubber Duckies
  • Surf Board Book Marks

Hawaiian Luau Party Crafts

We like to add a craft to our Hawaiian birthday party ideas because these Hawaiian craft projects are so much fun.. Kids love to put together craft kits and you might be surprised to see these really fun looking Hawaiian craft kits. Your party guests are sure to be entertained when they are making one of these fun craft projects:

  • Edible Sand Art
  • Fabulous Foam Flip Flop Frames
  • Aloha" Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit
  • Shell Beads And Flower Bracelet Craft Kit
  • Monkey On A Surfboard Craft Kit
  • Dolphin Sand Art Bottle Key Chains
  • Fish Sand Art Magnet Craft Kit
  • 24 A Day At The Beach! Sand Art Sets

We hope you found Hawaiian birthday party ideas that will help you plan a wonderful, fun kids party. Hawaiian birthday party ideas or the luau party theme are such a great themes, how can you go wrong?

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