The Scariest Haunted Houses in Tennessee

The scariest Haunted Houses in Tennessee where your worst nightmares will come true. Check our list of Haunted Halloween attractions where you will find sinister spirits waiting for you...corn mazes, haunted forests, haunted houses, hospitals, prisons and cemeteries. Keep the young kids at home when you are off to a scary haunted Halloween house.

The Scariest Haunted Houses in Tennessee are on our list of Halloween attractions.  Find the local scary haunts near your house.

Haunted Halloween Houses in Tennessee

These haunts are too bloodcurdling for the younger crowd, for the skittish or for the weak at heart. Stay away...that's fair warning. Read each website before you visit one of these scary houses...there will be warnings you should read.

Find the local haunts that are close to your home. Haunts with names like Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns in Chattanooga, Slaughter House in Nashville or Skeleton's Hunted Woods and Hayride in Bowling Green.

During the Civil War Tennessee was the site of many horrific and devastating battles. Battles in which thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers died. Is it any wonder that many of thost battlefields are among Tennessee's most haunted sites today?

Did we forget any scary haunted houses or other Halloween attractions in Tennessee? If we did, please tell us about it. We love to find new scary attractions! There is a form below you can send us the info on. Thanks!

No Way Out Haunted Corn Maze & Hayride

Address: 110 Corn Maze Lane, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643
Contact: Phone Number: 423-543-CORN

Website: No Way Out Corn Maze and Hayride

Scream Creek

Address: 1765 Martin Chapel Church Rd., Springfield, Tennessee
Contact: Phone Number: 615-382-7593

Website: Scream Creek

Devil's Dungeon

Address: 510 Davidson St, Nashville, TN 37213
Dates: September 17, 2010 Friday at 8 pm

Website: Devil's Dungeon

Haunted Web of Horrors

Address: 700 N Germantown Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38018
Dates: Selected Dates in October 2010

Website: Haunted Web of Horrors

Dead Land Haunted Woods

Address: 7040 Murfreesboro Road, Lebanon, TN 37090
Dates: Selected Dates in September to October

Website: Haunted Web of Horrors

Dead Man's Farm-Haunted House and The Haunted Hayride of Horror

Address: 9567 Hwy 11, Lenoir City, Tennessee 37772
Dates: Selected dates on October

Website: Haunted Web of Horrors

Death Valley Haunted Woods

Address: 769 West Main Street, Hendersonville, TN 37075
Contact: Phone Number: 615-822-5106
Dates: September 3, 2010

Website: Haunted Web of Horrors

Haunted Nashville

Address: 436 Lebanon Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076
Contact: Phone Number: 615-752-4292
Dates: Selected days in Sept and October

Website: Haunted Nashville

FrightWorks Haunted House

Address: 6634 Central Avenue Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee
Dates: Oct 1-2, 7-9, 14-16,21-24, 27-31, 2010<

Website: Haunted Web of Horrors


Address: 423 6th Avenue South, Nashville, Tn. 37203
Dates: October 2010 (check back for Details)

Website: Haunted Web of Horrors

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Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee

You can find Real Haunted Houses in Tennessee. Just take one of the many ghost tours that are available. Find out where the ghosts are and the stories about them. Here are some interesting ghost tours:

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