Harry Potter Trivia Questions

Looking for Harry Potter Trivia Questions?

Here are some links that will take you to Trivia, Word Games and Coloring Pages. They are all free, so enjoy them along with your other Harry Potter Party Ideas!

This first link has several levels of difficulty to choose from ranging from easy to hard. Use the easy trivia questions for younger kids and the harder ones for an older group of children.

Harry Potter Trivia Questions

The Deathly Hallows

Need some more activities to go along with your Harry Potter Party Ideas?

Good, because we've got them! If you've read the books along with your children, or have seen all the movies, you're familiar with the cast of characters. Here's some trivia about The Deathly Hallows. Let's see who is the Wizard of Word Games with these magical quizzes.

Why not let the kids have a contest with these trivia questions. The one with the most correct answers is the winner! You can print out some coloring pages and give some to everyone who answers a question. It's fun for the kids to get a prize!

Trivia Quizzes

Here's a good one...So you think you know Harry?

So You Think You Know Harry

The Order of the Phoenix

Have you and your kids read The Order of the Phoenix yet? Here are some trivia questions about that book you're sure to enjoy!

Order of the Phoeniz Movie Trivia

The Half Blood Prince and More

More quizzes about the rest of the Harry Potter books and characters! You can choose from:

  • Half-Blood Prince I (up to Chapter 13)
  • Half-Blood Prince II
  • Prisoner of Azkaban: The Book Quiz
  • Prisoner of Azkaban: The Book vs. the Movie
  • Prisoner of Azkaban: The British vs. the American Version
  • Order of the Phoenix: Level I
  • Order of the Phoenix: Level II
  • Order of the Phoenix: Level III
  • Order of the Phoenix: Level IV
  • Order of the Phoenix: Level V
  • Harry Potter and Greek Mythology
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • Hogwarts (beginner)
  • Hogwarts (advanced)
  • Quidditch
  • Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets
There's even some Crosswords:
  • Hogwarts
  • Harry Potter (advanced)

When you click the link just scroll down to the category you're looking for. Have fun!

Deathly Hallows Trivia and Crossword Puzzles

How about some trivia about the women in the Potter series.

Women at Hogwarts

Here is some Harry Potter Hangman to treat your party guests to a game they may never have played before!

Hangman J. K. Rowling Style

Last but certainly not least, here are some coloring pages of Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Hagrid and a host of others from Hogwarts School of Witches and Wizardry.

81 Coloring Pages of Harry and His Friends at Hogwarts

For more coloring pages visit the following link.

More Coloring Pages

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