Harry Potter Trivia Quizzes Are Fun

Harry Potter Trivia Quizzes are fun. And they are free. Find the printable trivia questions you need for your party. We have lots of fun games you can choose from. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Harry, Star Trek, Super Bowl, Christmas, Easter, Bible, Valentine, Academy Award...you get the idea. Take a look at our Trivia page to see if the theme you need is there.

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Now go and get your Harry Potter trivia quizzes. Remember these are printable trivia questions, so you can print out as many as yuu. Bring these Harry Potter trivia quizzes into school for a class party or use them at your family get togethers too.

Harry Potter Trivia Quiz Questions # 1

Here are some fun Harry Potter Trivia Questions for you. The kids at your party are going to enjoy playing this fun trivia game.

Here are your printable trivia questions

1. Who is "The boy who lived"?

2. Who is Albus Dumbledore?

3. What did Dumbledore use to turn off the street lights by the Dursley's house?

4. Where did Harry sleep?

5. What is Harry's cousins name?

6. What do witches and wizards call humans?

7. Who is You-Know-Who?

8. Who brought Harry Potter to Privet Lane?

9. Name Harry's parents.

10. Who's motorcycle did Hagrid borrow?

11. Did Harry know he was a wizard?

12. Where do the Dursleys take Dudley for his birthday?

13. Who does Harry talk to there?

14. Name the older lady who is Harry's neighbor.

15. Where was Harry's money?

16. Name the Wizarding newspaper.

17. Nane the Wizards Shopping area.

18. What sport do they play at Hogwarts?

19. Who is the Goblin that helped Harry at the Wizards bank.

20. Where did Harry get his school robes?

Harry Potter Trivia Quiz Answers

Each set of trivia questions needs a set of answers and here are your Harry Potter trivia answers. Let's see how many correct answers you had.

Get these printable trivia questions.

1. Harry Potter was known as the "Boy Who Lived."

2. Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster at the Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizardry.

3. Dumbledore turns off the street lights with a Put-Outer.

4. Harry slept in the cupboard under the stairs at #4 Privet Lane.

5. Harry's cousin's name is Dudley Dursley.

6. Witches and wizards call humans muggles.

7. You-Know-Who is Lord Voldemort.

8. Hagrid, games keeper at Hogwarts, brought Harry to Privet Lane.

9. Lily and James Potter were Harry's parents.

10. Hagrid borrowed the motorcycle from Sirius Black, Harry's god-father and the man accused of killing Lily and James Potter. 11. Harry did not know he was a wizard.

12. For his birthday Dudley went to the zoo.

13. Harry talks to a snake.

14. Harry's older neighbor is Mrs. Figg.

15. Harry's money is being held at Gringotts, the wizards bank.

16. The newspaper for the wizarding community is the Daily Prophet.

17. The wizard shopping area is called Diagon Alley.

18. The sport at Hogwarts is Quidditch

19. The Goblin that helped Harry at Gringots is called Griphook.

20. Harry got his school robes in Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasion.

That's it for this Harry Potter Trivia quizzes. What do you mean quizzes? You've got a sharp eye. There is another trivia quiz on this page. That's why the title says quizzes!

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Another Of Those Harry Potter Trivia Quizzes

Here is another of those Harry Potter Trivia Quizzes and I hope you enjoy it as much as the first.

1. What is Hagrid's job at Hogwarts?

2. What House does Draco Malfoy in at Hogwarts?

3. Name the Book Store in Diagon Alley.

4. Where does Harry get his wand?

5. What is special about Harry's wand?

6. Who is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

7. What platform does the Hogwarts Express leave the train station from?

8. Who helps Harry at the train station?

9. Name all the Weasley kids.

10. Hermoine Grainger fixes something on the train. What is it?

11. What do the pictures in the Daily Prophet do?

12. What kind of pet does Ron have?

13. Where is Charlie Weasley?

14. Name the 4 Houses at Hogwarts.

15. Name Draco Malfoy's two friends.

16. How do kids get picked for the Houses?

17. Who is the first ghost Harry meets?

18. Who teaches potions during the first year at Hogwarts?

Harry Potter Trivia Answers

Here are the answers for your Harry Potter trivia questions, because these Harry Potter trivia quizzes do need answers. I hope you enjoyed these fun trivia games.

1. Hagrid is the gameskeeper at Hogwarts School.

2. Draco Malfoy is in Slytherin House.

3. Flourish and Blotts is the book store in Diagon Alley.

4. Harry got his wand at Ollivanders.

5. Harry's wand is special because the phoenix who gave the feather for Harry's wand also gave 1 more feather and that one is in Voldemort's wand.

6. Lord Voldemort is also called He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

7. The Hogwarts Express leaves from platform 9 3/4.

8. Mrs. Weasley helps Harry find the platform at the train station.

9. The Weasley kids are: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny.

10. Hermoine fixes Harry's glasses on the train.

11. The pictures in the Daily Prophet move.

12. Ron Weasley's pet is a rat, Scabbers.

13. Charlie Weasley is in Romania.

14. The 4 Houses of Hogwarts are: Huffenpuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

15. Draco's two pals are Crabbe and Goyle.

16. The Sorting Hat picks the House for each student.

17. The first ghost that Harry meets is Almost Headless Nick, though he prefers to be called Sir Nick.

18. The potions teachers at Hogwarts is Professor Snape.

Find more trivia at our Printable Trivia Questions page.

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