Harry Potter Party Ideas

Your child will thrilled with Harry Potter Party Ideas for their next birthday party! Just about everyone knows the stories of Harry Potter and his friends, Hermoine and Ron. Their magical adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and of course the stories from the books and movies revolve around the battle of Harry against Lord Voldemort – an evil wizard trying to take control.

Harry Potter party ideas are perfect for:

  • Kids' birthday parties
  • School parties
  • Halloween parties

Hogwarts Decorating Ideas

You can find lots of good ideas for Harry Potter party ideas right in The Harry Potter books and movies. There are 7 books for you to choose from, or combine ideas from all of them. Just pick out your child's favorite scene from a book and decorate to match it. You can share the magical and fun adventures of Harry, Hermoine and Ron along with their other Hogwarts friends.

It can be a specific idea or a general one using brooms, wizard hats and stars as your decorating theme.

Wizardry and Magic Tricks for Entertaining the Kids

How about some magic tricks as party entertainment? Do any of your friends know any magic tricks? How about calling the local high school to see if any students know how to perform magic. You might be able to pay them to perform at your child's party!

  • You can give magic tricks out as party favors
  • You can get free printable Harry Potter coloring pages to use as a party activity

Just print out the pictures and add crayons. There is a link below for you to get some!

Easy Potter Party Decorating Ideas

There are lots of decorating and party favor ideas for Harry Potter party ideas. Oriental Trading usually has some great ideas for party gifts, favors and decorations! Not only are they unique party supplies, they are cheap party supplies! And when I say cheap party supplies, I do mean inexpensive!

Harry Potter Halloween Party Ideas

You can have a Harry Potter and Hogwarts Halloween Party! Harry is a perfect Halloween pary ideas...with all the wonderful costumes and magical themes, it should be a unique Halloween party theme.

You can use these decorating ideas for a birthday party or a Halloween party with a Harry Potter theme.

Decorating in purples, golds, blues...lots of balloons with pictures of the Harry Potter characters stuck on with tape can make it easy to decorate for the party. You can hang gold star from the ceiling, get wizard hats and make your self some Harry Potter wands! You can even let the kids make the Harry Potter magic wands at the party. Look for some Harry Potter temporary tattoos and stickers and you'll be set.

How about playing a Harry Potter movie or video? It's easy to think of fun party ideas when Harry Potter is your party theme!

Harry Potter Cake Ideas

Harry Potter cake ideas are easy too! It's easy to make your own party cake. You can make a wizard's hat from a sheet cake, or you can buy a cake topper to decorate the top of your already frosted cake. It's easy and fun to decorate a birthday cake!

For the cheapest party supplies online try Oriental Trading Company

Harry Potter Coloring Pages

Harry Potter Coloring Pages will make a fun party activity for your Little Witch and Wizard Guests! Kids love to color! Give each one a set of coloring pages and a box of crayons as a party favor.

Free Harry Potter Coloring Pages

Free Harry Potter Trivia Questions

Why not have a contest with Harry Potter Trivia Questions? See who the biggest fan it! There are three levels of difficulty to choose from so you can pick the best one, or all, for your party gang!

Free Harry Potter Trivia Questions

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