Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

How can you plan a Harry Potter party?

By using Harry Potter birthday party ideas!

Become a Party Wizard Learn the secrets to planning a party that no mortal child can resist. The spells and potions become the invitations and party foods. The danger and adventure become the party games and activities. Plan a Harry Potter party for your child's next birthday.

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Sounds fun, but difficult...doesn't it? Well it's really "Simple" to throw a Harry Potter party. You will need a few tricks and games to carry your theme throughout the entire party afternoon, but it's easy when you use Harry Potter and his Hogwarts friends as the theme of your birthday celebration. All kids love Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts School for wizards and witches. Ron Weasley and Hermoine Grainger help Harry through plenty of rough spots, but this magical trio always win the day.

Homemade Harry Potter Party Invitations

Use a purple piece of construction paper for your party invitations. Cut them out in a triangular shape, like a wizard's hat. Put gold stars on them to give them a wizardly look and feel and write your party information on the back. You can also type up your party info on your computer and print it out. Use glue to paste it on the back of your invitations. A Wizard's hat is an ideal party invitation to use with your Harry Potter birthday party ideas. You can find Harry Potter clip art or stickers if you like a more decorated look.

Use Cake Decorating Magic to Make A Wizard's Cake

A Wizard Cake is easy to make. You can buy a plastic Harry Potter cake topper to sit right on your homemade frosted cake. You can make a star shaped cake and frost it with purple icing. Cut some star shapes out of fruit roll up candies and put some gold frosting on them or you can use some golden sparkling edible sugar to decorate your roll up stars.

There are also edible cake toppers you can find. These are pictures printed on edible paper...using edible ink! You can find one with Harry and the Hogwarts gang on it, and place it right on top of your frosted homemade cake.

You can also make some star shaped cookies to decorate your party cake with. Why not try some star shaped Jello jigglers as a party dessert. I haven't met a kid yet who didn't like Jello. Fun, magical looking desserts are perfect for your Harry Potter birthday party ideas!

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Make Magic Wands

Make some Magic Wands as a party activity. It's easy to do. Cut star shapes out of construction paper or cardboard. Let the little witches and wizards at your party glue the star shapes to the top of a straw and give them glitter glue to decorate them with. Make them sparkly and they will feel like a real wand!

Print out some free coloring pages with pictures of Professor Dumbledore's bird, the Phoenix, on them.

Do you have any Harry Potter birthday party ideas you can share with us?

If you have thrown a party with Harry as it's theme, and you had a unique idea that made your party a hit...come on and make a web page about YOU and how Creative you are! All us party throwing Moms would love to hear your ideas! Submit your party ideas!

Harry Potter Party Game Ideas

Search for the Sorcerers Stone as a party game. Hide a stone in a plastic egg and hide it somewhere in your yard, or your party room. Let your guests search using clues to find the Magic Stone!

Play Harry Says with the younger party crowd. Instead of Simon, just say the word Harry. It's always a fun party game for younger kids and it is easy for you to set up.

Play a little Harry Potter Trivia. It's easy to make up a Harry Potter Trivia Questions quiz. Who is the groundskeeper at Hogwarts School? What is Harry's familiar? What color is Ron Weasleys hair? There are pages of information in each of the Harry Potter books, and in the movies.

A Wizard's Hat Pinata is another fun game that kids enjoy playing at a party. All you have to do is fill the pinata up with goodies and then follow the rules of the Pinata game. Get a pull string pinata conversion kit to make your pinata a pull string model...they are safer for kids.

Harry Potter Party Decorations and Supplies

Get some decorations with pictures of the Potter movie cast on them. Purple party balloons filled with helium. Get some with gold stars, or just some purple and gold colored balloons will add a fun feel to your party room. You may find some latex balloons in a crescent moon and stars shape. Blue soaps in the shape of a Wizard's hat are fun as a party favor, so are Harry Potter Goblet of Fire 4 Bubble Blowers. Kids love bubbles!

Here are some fun party favors to go with your Harry Potter birthday party ideas! Some other easy to find Harry Potter party favors are:

  • Harry's Black Rimmed Glasses
  • Harry and Friends Sticker Sheets
  • Goblet of Fire Emblems
  • A Light Up Wand
There are so many party favor possibilities...how are you going to choose which is best for you? Your party budget of course! All these favor ideas are fun, but buy the ones you can afford. The kids will enjoy anyone of these fun choices. Or you can add a magic trick as a party favor!

Now I'd say you are ready to cast your first party spell! One where the goal is mesmerizing and thrilling your party guests. Harry Potter birthday party ideas are fun for everyone!

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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

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