Hang Over It's A Funny Party Game To Play In A Minute

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Wire Hangers For Hang Over ... A funny 60 second party game

Wire Hangers For Hang Over ... A funny 60 second party game

Minute To Win It party game Hang Over is another funny, challenging party game that will have your guests laughing till they cry. Unless they are the one who is attempting to complete this challenge. These games look simple but once you take a good hard look at them you will see how difficult they really are.

Remember to lessen the level of difficulty when you are playing with young children. It won't be a fun game if it is too difficult for them to complete.

To play Hang Over you need 6 wire coat hangers. Don't let Joan Crawford play...she gets really upset when you pull out the wire hangers!

The goal of this game is to hang your first hanger on a curtain rod and then the second hanger gets hung on the first, the third on the second and so on, until all the hangers are hanging from one another. It will look like a hanger mobile. The trick is to keep the hangers balanced in the center. None of the hangers must rest in the corner of another hanger.

Get it? Each player can use both hands to hang and to steady the hangers. The hangers must remain on top of one another for three seconds with out sliding to a corner. It sounds easy, but wait until you try it!

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