Let Handy Manny Party Ideas Fix Your Party Up!

Handy Manny party Ideas are Toolrific! Have Handy Manny fix up your home for the next birthday, holiday or play date. There are so many fun and exciting things to do and Handy Manny games you can play at your next Kids' get-together.

Start by decorating your Handy Manny area with some of the following:

  • Hang Handy Manny streamers around the party area
  • Hang a Handy Manny Birthday Banner
  • Create a Handy Manny tool box centerpiece
  • Handy Manny Balloons are a great decorating idea!

Meet Manny's Talking Tools

Manny is a bilingual handy man. One of his favorite sayings is "You break it, We fix it."

Manny's tools are the co-stars of the show. They each can talk and have very different personalities.

  • Felipe is a Phillips Screwdriver
  • Turner the Flat Screwdriver
  • Stretch is a Tape Measure
  • Squeeze is a pair of Pliers
  • Pat is a Hammer
  • Dusty is a Saw
  • Rusty is a Pipe Wrench
  • Flicker, the flashlight

Play a Handy Manny game like a tool scavenger hunt or a tool word game. Handy Manny games are the perfect games to play at a Handy Manny theme party.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Take a look at the great cupcake decorating ideas we have for a kids birthday party. Handy Manny party ideas need something special in the birthday dessert department! It's easy to make a Handy Manny Cupcake even if you don't know anything about cake and cupcake decorating. Take a look at the pictures and see what I mean!

Handy Manny Party Supplies

Don’t forget to decorate your party table with a Handy Manny tablecloth and top with party plates, napkins, and cups. You can find some Handy Manny decorations on-line at the Oriental Trading Company You can find all kinds of party supplies, party favor ideas and lots of fun kids craft and game ideas. Make sure to top off the table decorations with Handy Manny party favors!

Fun Games For Your Handy Manny Party Ideas...Handy Manny Games

Handy Manny party ideas are not complete without some fun games and activities.

Try some of theses Handy Manny games and activities at your next party:

  • Play “Manny Says” by having the game leader dress in a yellow cap and gloves leading the way
  • Play “Manny Limbo” with a measuring tape or yard stick
  • See who can quickly Stack the Tools in Manny’s Toolbox
  • Have a Fix-Em Up Lego contest in pairs, see who can build the best or biggest structure

Bake the best yellow Handy Manny cake and top it off with birthday cake tool candles or use tool inserts as cupcake decorations.

Free Handy Manny Coloring Pages And Printable Games

Here's a printable matching game with Handy Manny for your kid's party. Print out enough game sheets for everyone and let the kids help Manny!

Free Printable Handy Manny Games

Free Printable Coloring Pages

As the party winds down and it's almost time to go home give each party guest a Goodie Bag full of Handy Manny gifts, such as Handy Manny pencil toppers, stickers, glasses and Kaleidoscopes. You can find several Handy Manny goodies at www.oriental trading.com.

Your Handy Manny party ideas will be a sure hit!

Handy Manny Party Gift Ideas

Need some gift ideas for Handy Manny? How about one ofthe Handy Manny DVD's that have been released?

  • Handy Manny: Manny's Green Team DVD

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Meet Handy Mannys Friends and Neighbors

Everyone loves fun facts and info from their favorite TV shows and characters so Handy Manny fans will enjoy these Handy Manny facts and friends. Handy Manny is Manuel Garcia and he has a fix it business in Sheetrock Hills. Handy Manny party ideas can be found in his TV show episodes. His best friends are his tools and you met them in a paragraph on top of the page. Their names are:

  • Pat
  • Dusty
  • Stretch
  • Felipe
  • Turner
  • Squeeze
  • Rusty
  • Flicker
Manny has more friends than that and they are tools and people...and even animals like Handy Manny's dog, Fix It.

More of Handy Manny's tool friends are:

  • Spinner, the power drill
  • Zip, the power socket wrench
  • Sneeze, the vacuum cleaner
  • Ticks and Totts, the socket wrenches
  • Pinzas, a pair of needle-nose pliers
  • Roland, a giant tool box
  • Beamer, the laser level
  • Family of crescent wrenches...the Father, Lefty;Mother, Lily;Son, Junior

Some of his human friends are:

  • Kelly...owns a hardware store
  • Mr. Leonard Francis Lopart...owns a candy store
  • Abuelito...Manny's grandfather
  • Elliot...Kelly's younger brother who skateboards and plays the drums.
  • Mrs. Portillo...a grandmotherly women who lives in Sheetrock Hills and runs a bakery
  • Quinn...Mrs. Portillo's grandson.
  • Alex...is also Mrs. Portillos's grandson
  • Mayor Rosa...the Mayor of Sheetrock Hills
  • Mr. Chu...the principal of the Sheetrock Hills Elementary School
  • Fluffy Louise Lopart...Mr. Lopart's cat
  • Fix it...Manny's dog
  • Mr. Kumar...a Hindu man who is rather shy. He owns Sheetrock Hills China Shop.
  • Senor Sanchez...a man who owns a cat named Patches and also has a granddaughter named Julieta
  • Julieta...Mr. Sanchez's curious and happy granddaughter
  • Sherman...owns the Sheetrock Hills Shoe Store...he forgets his glasses alot
  • Jack Stack...a man who works at the Sheetrock Hills Radio Station and sometimes he plays Manny's songs
  • Coach Johnson...he is coach at the Sheetrock Hills Elementary School
  • Mrs. Lee...mom to Steven, Kevin and Nelson Lee who all live in Sheetrock Hills
  • Senor Lopez...a meteorologist who is also the science teacher at the Sheetrock Hills Elementary School
  • Lola...Handy Manny's sister
  • Pepe...Handy Manny's nephew who lives with Lola. He plays soccer.
  • Baby Chico...is Handy Manny's baby nephew
  • Dwayne Bouffant...a reporter for the Sheetrock Hills newspaper
  • Victor...owns the costume shop in town
  • Mrs. Lopart...is the mother of Mr. Lopart. She likes to sew
  • Magic Marty...a magician at the town's magic shop
  • Marion...the librarian at the town library
  • Mrs. Hillary...a music teacher at the school
  • Danny Starr...one of Sheetrock Hill's famous singers
  • Mrs. Diller...owns a variety store in Sheetrock Hills
  • Aurelia...likes to sing while she works. She is a hairdresser
There is an entire town of people for you to get to know when you watch Handy Manny on tv or DVD. Kids love this bi-lingual handy man and can learn how to speak a little Spanish while they are having fun watching his show. Use these tools and friends as extra Handy Manny party ideas...use them as a game!

Get more Handy Manny party ideas on our Handy Manny Party Supplies page.

Handy Manny Party Ideas and Gift Ideas!

Handy Manny Manny's Talkin' Tool Box

Handy Manny Manny's Talkin' Tool Box

Handy Manny's Talkin' Tool Box... Manny's Toolbox! Sounds! Handy Manny's tool box is loaded with tons of fixing fun! It comes with all 7 tools: Pat, Turner, Dusty, Stretch, Felipe, Squeeze, and Rusty. Take the tools out to help around the house. Put them in the tool box, press the Manny button, and the tools will come to life right before your eyes! Sing along with the Hop Up, Jump In song that Manny and the tools sing when they are ready to go out fixing. It is also jam-packed with great tool phrases! Includes a blueprint that describes the personalities of each of Manny's tools. Requires 3x "AA" batteries.

Handy Manny Construction Zone Playset

Handy Manny Construction Zone Playset

Handy Manny Tune-Up Race Car Vehicle

Handy Manny Tune-Up Race Car Vehicle

Handy Manny Nailer & Fix-It Jet Project

Handy Manny Nailer & Fix-It Jet Project

Handy Manny Fix & Swap Construction Vehicles Case

Handy Manny Fix & Swap Construction Vehicles Case

Handy Manny Talkin' Tools Case

Handy Manny Talkin' Tools Case

Talking tools from TV's Handy Manny! Saws, tape measurers, hammers, wrenches, and more! Fun colorful tools talk and have play features, but do not actually perform functions. For fun fixing jobs our Tool Packs bring Manny's tool's to life! Each pack comes with 2 tools to help you fix any project. Each pack comes with 1 talking tool and 1 tool with mechanical action features. Pack one has Dusty and Stretch, pack 2 has Rusty and Pat. Each one also comes with a sticker badge and a mini blueprint! Assortment may vary. Case includes 4 individually packaged pieces.

These Handy Manny toys will go perfectly as party gifts with your Handy Manny party ideas.

Get more Handy Manny party ideas at our Handy Manny coloring pages. Print out as many Handy Manny coloring pages as you like to entertain your party guests!

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