Handy Manny Cake Topper

A Handy Manny Cake Topper kit includes a 3-inch tall figure of Manny, all his talking tools in a tool box

  • Felipe is a Phillips Screwdriver
  • Turner the Flat Screwdriver
  • Stretch is a Tape Measure
  • Squeeze is a pair of Pliers
  • Pat is a Hammer
  • Dusty is a Saw
  • Rusty is a Pipe Wrench
and a large backdrop with Handy Manny labeled on it. If your kids love Manny, his talking tool pals and his fix up adventures then this cake topper set is the perfect decoration for a birthday cake.

You can't imagine how easy it is to apply this Handy Manny decoration on to a birthday cake. You can put this decorating kit anywhere you like on top of your frosted cake. Or don't frost it if you don't want to...after all, as the designer, you can do whatever you like! In most cases, it's cheaper to buy one of these decorating kits than it is to buy a cake from your local bakery. Compare the costs and see for yourself.

Imagine how surprised everyone will be when they see the professional looking decorating job you did on your child's birthday cake! You don't have to tell them your secret...after all the professional bakers never told us!

This Cake Topper kit is a great addition to your kid’s Handy Manny birthday party ideas- it is something your little birthday boy or girl will surely love!

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