Handprint Angel Wings Keepsake Hanging Craft Kit

by Jillian The Christmas Angel
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Handprint  Angel Wings Christmas Craft Kit

Handprint Angel Wings Christmas Craft Kit

Handprint Angel Wings Keepsake hanging craft kits are perfect for stocking stuffers or to use as a holiday party activity or favor idea. You can see how nice a keepsake these kits make. Let your children make their own, then hang them on your tree or decorate your presents with them.

Each of these craft kits are individually packaged and includes the foam pieces you need along with some white finger paint you need to make the handprints. There is also a poem for each of the Angel wings...“Whenever you go, whatever you do, may your guardian angel watch over you!” These Angel wings are over 9 inches long when finished and you get enough to make 12 in each kit.

You can get them at Amazon.

Here is another wonderful Christmas craft kit idea for your kids. It's a different handprint angel kit and it will allow you to keep your kids entertained without placing them in front of a TV or video game. It's an educational way of teaching them that is actually fun.

Enjoy making these Angel wing crafts with your kids...make crafting a part of your holiday traditions.

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