Halloween Trivia and Halloween Fun Facts

Interesting Halloween Trivia and Halloween Fun Facts

If you haven't tried featuring Halloween trivia and Halloween fun facts at your costume party you don't what you are missing. They will get the conversations and laughter started leading to more stories making the gathering a great success.

How to Play Halloween Trivia Using Halloween Fun Facts

The host asks a question and the guests reply one at a time. If one of the guests gets the answer right, they win a prize.

Prizes can be just about anything – a candy bar, a common tool, something that you made, etc. It doesn't have to be anything expensive. In fact, some people will play for the first piece of cake.

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Here Are Some Questions and Answers to Get the Party Started

What was the name of Halloween when it was first originated?

It started out as "All Hallows Eve" developed by the pagans of the Celtic culture referring to their Druid holiday which was a time that they honored their dead. The pagan belief was that during this night, spirits from those deceased in the prior year would roam around and the Lord of Darkness would arrive to take evil sprits to the underworld.

What were the names of the two holidays that the Roman Catholic Church developed to counter the pagan holidays?

The Roman Catholic Church developed two holidays. The first was "All Saints Day" in which they honored the Saints and the second was "All Souls Days" in which they honored and prayed for the dead.

How did trick or treating come about?

Poor people in Ireland would beg the rich for food on Halloween night and if they didn't provide they would play a practical joke on them. It is also believed that by leaving snacks at the doorway would prevent evil spirits from entering the house.

Why are the colors of Halloween orange and black?

Orange represents the season of autumn and black represents darkness.

What was used to make Jack-O-Lanterns before pumpkins?

In Ireland, people carved out turnips and placed candles or embers in them to scare off evil spirits.

What is the meaning of "witch"?

The word "witch" came from the word "wicca" used by the Saxons. The meaning of the word is "wise one" and they were thought to have to ability to predict the future.

What is the average amount of money spent each year on Halloween candy in the United States?

Candy sales in the U.S. are around $2 billion each year and it is the number one holiday for candy producers.

Where was the first official city-wide celebration of Halloween in the United States held?

Anoka, Minnesota was the first city to officially observe Halloween as a holiday in the United States in 1921.

Why are people superstitious about black cats?

Black cats were once believed to be the assistants of witches and were believed to carry the powers of the witch for casting spells.

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