Halloween Trivia Questions

Halloween Trivia Questions will challenge and entertain your party guests. Trivia can be the ice breaker game you play before your costume contest!

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Halloween Trivia Questions

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These printable Halloween trivia questions will keep your guests on their toes. Trivia is a fun game to play when your guests begin to arrive. It keeps everyone entertained and interested in what's going on...and everyone will love the game prizes you got whether it is the bendable skeletons or the Halloween rubber duckies (the duckies are my favorites). Or save this fun printable trivia game for later in the party. Whenever you decide to play will be the right time. When you are planning your costume party be sure to have lots of prizes...you will need some for the costume contest and other games, and plan a lot of games. Kids love to play party games and Halloween offers all kinds...fun, scary and challenging. So pick your favorites and start to play.

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Halloween Trivia Questions

Here are your difficult Halloween Trivia Questions , your ice breaker party game. Some questions may have more than one correct answer even if only one is listed, so always take that into consideration when you are getting the answers.

1. Name three of scary movies we usually watch at Halloween.

2. What is the name of the famous childrens cartoon ghost character?

3. Who was the first TV series witch?

4. Who was Van Helsing? In what year was the movie "Van Helsing" filmed?

5. Name three ingredients in a witches brew.

6. Name three types of Halloween monsters.

7. What is a witch's preferred means of travel?

Halloween Trivia Questions

8. What are the goblins called in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" novel?

9. What is the original name for a mirror?

10. What is used to ward off an attack by werewolves?

11. What is a pentagram?

12. What is another name for the walking dead?

13. What is a wraith?

14. What is the name of the actor who played Dracula?

15. What object is used to kill a vampire?

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Now let's get your Halloween Trivia Answers. See who has answered the questions correctly and give out some cute game prizes!

1. Three scary movies are: Psycho, Halloween and Night of the Living Dead. Those are just my choices, you know there are hundreds of scary movies!

2. The famous children's cartoon ghost is Casper, The Friendly Ghost. Casper was a comic book character before he emerged as a cartoon character.

3. The first TV witch was Samantha of the series "Bewitched". Samantha was played by Elizabeth Montgomery.

4. The lead character is Gabriel Van Helsing who hunts monsters and is based on the Bram Stoker novel, "Dracula". This movie was filmed in 2004.

5. Three ingredients in witches brew are eye of a newt, claw of a cat, blood of a vampire. In the study of black magic, the witches brew was believed to enhance the power of spells and curses placed upon others.

6. Three traditional Halloween monsters are Bats, vampires and werewolf. Of course there are also mummies, frankensteins, zombies...and so on.

7. The witches broom. In Halloween stories, witches are said to ride upon a broom that fly across the night sky.

Halloween Trivia Questions

8. Orcs. In Lord of the Rings, Orc were half human, warring creatures.

9. The original name for a mirror was "looking glass". In order to catch a glimpse of an image, individuals had to "look into the glass". A mirror is glass treated with a undercoating to create a reflection.

10. Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane is actually known as aconitum, a purple flowering plant, with dark green leaves believed to repel werewolves. The purple flowers look like a monk's hood. Wolfsbane is highly poisonous, hence it's use as werewolf repellent.

11. A pentagram is a five pointed star sometimes used as a pagan symbol believed to be more than 3,000 years old.

12. Zombies. Zombies are part of beliefs of the practice of voodoo. They are usually under the control of a living being for the purpose of evil.

13. A ghostly spirit.

14. Bela Lugosi is the name of the Hungarian actor who is very famous for his role as Dracula.

15. An object used to kill vampires is a wooden stake.

These trivia questions aren't easy so don't use them for very young kids. They won't know who Bela Lugosi is, in fact, they may not even know who Casper is. You can find some more trivia questions about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Candy...you name it at our Printable Trivia Questions so take a look there for more fun printable games.

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