Halloween Trivia Games

I like Halloween trivia games so much, this is my second page of them. It's easy to make up a trivia game when it is about a popular holiday like Halloween. You can find questions just about everywhere and you probably already know most of the answers. Some are a little more difficult than others, but that makes these trivia games challenging and I always like a challenge. So print these out and have lots of fun at your Halloween party.

Printable Halloween Trivia Games

Halloween Trivia Questions

Here are your Halloween Trivia Questions. Keep track and let's see how many each of your party guests get correct. Give out some fun game prizes based on the number of correct trivia answers each person gives. You can use Halloween tattoos (temporary of course!), Halloween rubber Duckies...they are so cute, or some kind of funky Halloween item. Find lots of them at The Oriental Trading Company where you can find all kinds of novelty gifts and craft ideas too. Now let's play Halloween trivia.





5. What recipe are eye of a newt, claw of a cat, blood of a vampire used in?

6. Name three different kinds of Halloween monsters.

7. What is does a witch use to get around?

8. What are the flying animals in the Wizard of Oz?

Halloween Trivia Games

9. What is another name for the Looking Glass?

10. What kind of bullet kills a werewolf?

11. What do kids say on Halloween when they knock on someone's door?


13. What famous monster is green?

14. What is the name of the scary character who played in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies?

15. Can you see a vampire's reflection in a mirror?

Halloween Trivia Answers

Here are the Halloween Trivia Answers. Now it's time to see how many people answered the trivia questions correctly. Who will win that prize?

There you have a total of 15 Halloween trivia questions and answers so print out this Halloween trivia game and have lots of fun!

1. I Am Legend and Nightmare on Elm Street

2. Get More fun Halloween trivia at Halloween trivia questions

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