Halloween Trivia

Share your Halloween Trivia with us and find out some new and interesting facts about this fun, costume holiday that we add to this page. Just fill out the box with your Halloween Trivia Questions and answers. Make sure to tell us your name...it will be published...and where you are from. Knowing that makes your web page more interesting to other viewers.

I want to learn about Halloween customs from all around the world...since it is one of my very favorite holidays, and what better way to find out than to ask our viewers to submit interesting trivia facts. We can learn things that only the people who live in that country know about...the insiders guide to Halloween Customs Around the World. Sounds like we can get some really fun Halloween ideas from people who take the time to write a fact or two about this fun holiday. I can't wait to read some of the comments!

Thanks and Have fun...Trick or Treat!

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Trivia Questions about Halloween Customs

Do you have any interesting trivia about Halloween customs in the US or any other countries around the world?

Halloween, with it's costumes and candy, is one of my favorite holidays and I love to find out new and interesting facts about the history and the customs of Halloween.

If you know an interesting Halloween fact or bit of trivia from any where in the world why not share it with us. I will be adding my own trivia to the mix, so we can all give and take each others answers.

I find trivia questions and answers informative and fun to use as a party game. Trivia is challenging and educational...learning about Halloween or any other subject can be so much fun!

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Halloween in Poland Not rated yet
Do the people in Poland celebrate Halloween? The Polish people do not celebrate Halloween as such; no trick or treating, carved pumpkins or any of the …

Halloween customs in Mexico. Not rated yet
Questions 1.What is Halloween called in Mexico? 2. When is Halloween celebrated in Mexico? 3. What is the purpose of Halloween in Mexico? 4. What …

Halloween in Canada Not rated yet
Q: Is Halloween an important holiday in Canada? A: Yes. People of all ages and ethnic origins celebrate Halloween. Q: Do children trick or treat …

Halloween Customs in Mexico Not rated yet
1. Q: Is Halloween only a big holiday to Americans and Canadians? A: No. Some countries celebrate it in different forms as a big holiday. To …

Halloween Customs in Ireland  Not rated yet
1. Do they carve pumpkins on Halloween in Ireland? Yes. Way back when, a blacksmith named Joe made a pact with the devil. When he died, he was not allowed …

Halloween Customs in England Not rated yet
Find some great Halloween costume ideas at our costume ideas page . Here are some Halloween Trivia Questions about Halloween in England! 1) In …

Halloween Customs in North America Not rated yet
You can find lots of costume ideas at Halloween Costumes. Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers 1) What do parents do with their children …

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