Halloween Tea Party Ideas

Halloween tea party ideas will make your tea party unique! First your going to need a Halloween tea set and I've found one at Hearthsongs.com. It's a tea pot and set of four tea cups, a sugar bowl and creamer, all with Halloween images on them...very cute! The Tea Pot has a witch riding her broom on it, the cups have a monster, a spider, a frog and a pumpkin on them. The creamer and sugar bowl each have a cresent moon on them. Take a look for yourself...

Tea Party Menu Ideas

Tea Party Menu ideas include tea party sandwiches...you know those tiny sandwiches for tea party guests. Cut the crust off your bread, spread some cream cheese or chicken salad on the bread and top it with a second piece of bread. Cut the sandwich in 4 or 6 pieces and put onto a serving tray. Make as many sandwhiches as you need and of course, that depends on how many guests you will be entertaining. Dessert ideas include tea party cookies and small dessert cakes...or make some mini cupcakes. You can find some fun holiday party picks to put in your sandwiches, desserts and cupcakes. There are many with a Halloween pattern on them including witches, monsters and ghosts.

Tea party activities are easy. Make a hat out of paper plates or use some coloring pages and sticker activity books. Get a bunch of small pumpkins and have your guests each decorate one, with water paints or stickers. Draw a large picture of a pumpkin, and cut out stems of green construction paper. Play a game of Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin.

A fun game to play at a party is the TP game, the toilet paper game! Form a couple teams and have the kids make one member of their team a Mummy using only toilet paper! This game is always fun. Make sure you have a camera ready to take some funny pictures!

Seasonal Tea Party Invitations

Make your own Halloween tea party invitations with some colored construction paper...in orange, purple and black. Cut them in the shape of a bat, or a pumpkin and then write in something cute as your tea party invitation wording. Come to our Halloween Tea Party. Wear a costume and have some fun. There's games to play and prizes to be won! Or Trick or Treat? We have both so come join us at our Halloween Tea party. Come in costume and join the fun...we've got goodies and prizes for everyone!

Tea Party Decorations

Set your Halloween tea party table with a spider web tablecloth, your cute Halloween tea set and some silver serving trays with your sandwhiches on them. Place some plastic spider rings on the table and trays for a holiday effect. Use similar trays for your desserts. You can use a lace doily or you can use Halloween cupcake liners to place your sandwhiches and desserts in as a tea party table setting for each guest. Since your theme is Halloween, you can make your tea party decorations out of Halloween party decorations.

Fill a Halloween goody bag with some treats and give one to each of your party guests. If you do have a Halloween Costume Contest give the goodie bags to your guests afterwards as a contest prize! Your prize bag will double as a tea party favor for each guest.

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