Halloween Sofa Cover - Turn Your Couch Into A Coffin

Turn Your Couch Into A Coffin With This Halloween Sofa Cover! Get Some Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas Whether You Are Having A Haunted Party Or Just Love Halloween!

If you are looking for some Extreme Halloween Decorating Ideas This COFFIN Couch Cover is perfect! Imagine the looks you will get from your family and friends when you put this Halloween Sofa Cover on your couch. It's going to get lots of laughs...and it certainly will set the mood for your scary party theme this year.

Spooky Scenes Coffin Couch Cover

Spooky Scenes Coffin Couch Cover

Throw this plastic coffin couch cover is made of plastic and it will fit 74-96" wide sofas. This sofa cover will certainly turn your living room into the spooky scene you want for your Halloween party.

Torture Coffin Sofa Cover

There's another coffin sofa cover you can pick for your House of Horror decorations for Halloween. This couch cover will turn your families living room into a torture chamber filled with horrors.

Torture Coffin Sofa Cover

Torture Coffin Sofa Cover

These sofa covers for Halloween are scary but fun and so are the other decorations you can find to go with them. How about a 36" Shaking Cocoon Corpse or a Shrunken Head in Flask ...there are three different ones but Buy Costumes chooses which one you get...don't worry, they are all pretty spooky. How about leaving some Body Parts (6 count) laying around to frighten even the most stout hearted of men! Don't forget the skulls...I found a Bag of 12 Skulls that you can leave laying around or fill a huge bowl with all the skulls and set it on your buffet table along with the spooky and scary Halloween snack recipes you prepared.

Bag of Skulls (12 count)

No matter what kind of Halloween decorating ideas you have in mind, no matter what scary party theme you choose, BuyCostumes.com has the party supplies and decorations you need to create a spooky and fun Halloween theme. Whether you need decorations for inside like the sofa covers or outside like tombstones, you can find the accessories you need at Buy Costumes.

Shrunken Head in Flask Asst. (1 count)Body Parts (6 count)

Find fun Halloween decorating ideas, great costumes for kids, teens and adults and the Halloween party supplies that will help you plan a great party this October.

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