Halloween Snack Recipe

Halloween Snack Recipes are very popular in October when everyone starts to plan their Halloween party...and are looking for new and gory, fun ways to come up scary and fun food ideas. I have posted a few of my favorite recipes below, feel free to use them and of course you can add or subtract ingredients to make these dishes completely your own!

Find a new recipe for your Halloween party snacks and if you know of a good snack idea or a scary food idea that we don't have, be a sweetheart and write it in for the rest of us to try. We are looking for new food ideas just like you are!

Here's hoping you find the perfect costume, some great party supplies and the best and easiest Halloween recipes for your holiday party this year. Happy October 31st!
Remember when you are making food dishes for your Halloween party...use food coloring, make regular foods look gory and spooky, make olives and radishes look like eyeballs and put them on the other food dishes...bake cookies that look like bats and bones. Make your food fun, scary or just orange!

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Halloween Caramel Apples 
Caramel Apples are a perfect snack for the fall Halloween season. Get some crisp apples and candy caramels...and make yourself some tasty treats! Start …

Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Ball Halloween Snack Recipe Not rated yet
My Favorite Halloween Snack Recipe is Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Ball. This is a simple snack to make, both kids and adults like it and it is decorative food …

Halloween Mummy Dogs Not rated yet
I know this isn't a new Halloween recipe, but Mummy Dogs are a treat you will never get tired of. Here's what you need: 6 hot dogs 1 package …

How To Make Skeleton Bones Not rated yet
Skeleton Bones are great to put out on a table. People aren't used to seeing them sitting and they are very tasty. You will need: 4 large egg whites …

GraveYard Cake Cupcakes Not rated yet
Graveyard Cake Cupcakes These are perfect for a Halloween party or just for a fun dessert for your kids. You will need: Prepared Cupcakes Frosting …

A Ghostly Eyeball Snack Idea Not rated yet
It's easy to make this fun Halloween snack recipe. Ghostly Eyeballs are really just jello and ice cream. Here's what you need to make them. Ingredients: …

Halloween Ice Cube Trick Not rated yet
Here's a fun Halloween food idea you can do with ice cubes. Make it look like there are Scary Frozen Bugs in your ice cubes! All you need is some …

Goblin's Punch For Halloween Not rated yet
Goblin's Punch For Halloween This Goblins punch is really easy to make. Here are the ingredients: 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed …

Witches Halloween Punch  Not rated yet
Hot Cider...Witches Halloween Punch All you need are a few ingredients: 1 gallon apple cider 1 (16 ounce) can frozen orange juice concentrate …

Halloween Trail Mix Snack Recipe Not rated yet
This is the easiest Halloween Snack Recipe I know of. Get your favorite brand of Trail Mix and some Candy Corn. Mix the two snacks together and serve …

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