Halloween Snack Recipe

Here is a Halloween snack recipe I call Spider 2. It's called Spider 2 because it's a spider and it has two eyes. This fun snack recipe is easy enough for kids to make and it doesn't require any baking. The main ingredient in this fun Halloween dessert is a Twinkie.

Take a look at this easy to make fun Halloween snack...make this cute dessert with your kids and have a blast this Halloween!

Halloween Snack Recipe  A Spider With 2 Eyes

This little Halloween Snack Recipe is another spider made from a Twinkie, but this one has two eyes. The last one I made had only one eye. It was easy to make and fun too. If you don't have pre-made sugar eyeballs you can use some white frosting with a chocolate chip in the middle. Here is all you need to make this cool spider snack:

  • Twinkies
  • String Licorice
  • Frosting
  • Eyeballs

Here are your simple Halloween Twinkie Spider instructions:

  • Cut eight pieces of licorice to use as spider legs for each Twinkie
  • Put the licorice into your Twinkie, four on each side
  • Put some frosting on your Twinkie spider...make a unique design
  • Add your sugar eyeball, or your frosting and chocolate chip
Let your guests make thier own dessert at your party. Use this quick and easy dessert decorating idea as a fun party activity. You will not need to supply cupcakes or a cake since the kids are making thier own dessert. Take a picture of each child and thier snack before they eat it and let them take them home as a party favor.

Having fun with your food is a treat anytime, but it seems like a natural thing to do at Halloween, plus there are so many different kinds of cute and creepy things to make!

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