Halloween Slipknot Masks

If your looking for a scary Halloween costume...try one of the Halloween Slipknot Masks and a black jumpsuit. These masks are great...and you've got to have one to use this costume ideas...because we have never seen Slipknot without Masks!

Slipknot Uniform

The band, Slipknot is known for their explosive music and evil face masks. They always like to perform with attention-grabbing uniforms and home made creepy masks. The Slipknot Uniform is a black long-sleeved jumpsuit, complete with the Slipknot’s official “S” logo.

This jumpsuit is made of 100% polyester. It comes in all sizes from extra small to extra large and it is an officially licensed Slipknot accessory.

Wearing the Slipknot Uniform can make anyone look and feel like the Nu Metal band. Great wear for parties, concerts and fun gatherings. This “uniform” is also perfect to go with any of the Slipknot Masks.

The Slipknot Maggot Mask

The Slipknot Maggot Mask showcases a sculpted face of a flesh-eating man-maggot and is the official mask of the Slipknot Army.

It is made of dark brown latex and has zipper lips and four screws at the sides. There are two Velcro straps to hold the mask in place.

If you are a die-hard Slipknot Army fan, you should have one like this. It is great for that Halloween costume party or any occasion you want to wear it. Wear the Maggot Mask with friends and become part of the Slipknot Army. Created by Morbid Industries, a must-have mask that will simply let you have a great time joining in the fun!

The Slipknot Joey Mask

Slipknot’s Joey likes to wear a frightening black and grayish-white latex mask whenever he plays on stage. He wears it all too often that it becomes his trademark. After a long time of waiting, the Slipknot Joey Mask is finally available for everyone.

The Slipknot Joey Mask is an officially licensed Slipknot accessory. This mask set includes the Joey mask, latex strap and a belt buckle. The adult mask has only one size that fits all.

Get Joey’s look by wearing this really cool mask and you will feel like you are a member of the band. Definitely a great wear for fun parties with friends.

New Slipknot James Mask

The guitarist of popular band Slipknot, James also called #4, wears a dark, creepy mask whenever he is playing his guitar during his performances. The Slipknot James Mask is made of latex, with midnight black lips and black zipper mouth. There are traces of blood red coat along the cheeks and in the eyes, giving an impression of bloodied eye sockets.

This Halloween Slipknot mask is made out of 100% latex material, it has two straps at the back and comes in one size fits all.

You can wear this to any Halloween party, rock concert or even in school events so you can be as mysterious and terrifying as James and the rest of the Slipknots.

New Slipknot Corey Mask

Slipknot’s Corey is the epitome of a heavy metal singer, with his powerful voice and striking persona on stage. Fans are going to flip over the New Slipknot Corey Mask. In his performances, he likes to wear a horrifying mask molded to give that slimy, scary, stitched look. After the fans’ clamor to have one made for production, it is now available for everyone who likes to get the Corey look.

Like the other Halloween Slipknot masks the Corey mask is made of 100% latex, comfortable and looks so real. It has two Velcro straps for sure fit and the Slipknot Corey Mask is a licensed accessory of Slipknot.

The Slipknot Corey Mask is a really scary mask...and if you wear this for the Halloween or any event, you will be sure to get the crowd’s attention.

If your looking for a great costume this year, and are a Slipknot fan...one of these Halloween Slipknot Masks is the perfect costume idea for you.

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