How to Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The purpose of a Halloween scavenger hunt is usually to up the excitement by hiding prizes or to scare the participants.

For young children, you might want to take the scary out and make it a hide and seek game where the children look for toys or a person dressed in a certain costume. For teens, the more gruesome and terrifying, the better.

What is a Scavenger Hunt?

It's similar to a treasure hunt. A scavenger hunt usually starts with giving a clue that will aide the participants to find the next clue, leading to a prize of some kind. Or you can begin with a list of items and the goal of the hunt is to find most (or all) of the items on your list.

Creative people may make the clues seem like poetry or a rhyme, but if you are challenged by that, just giving a clue will work.

Giving clues for something that they participants will know will lead them into scary situations.

For instance, you can say something about where Dad keeps his tools or where Bobby cut his hand that will lead the teens into the garage where you can have a scary sight set up to frighten them like a werewolf hidden under leaves who jumps out when the teens pass by.

You can get really creative in hiding your clues. For instance, the clue to the next clue can be "Find a gelling pool of blood where the children eat their breakfast". The next clue can be hidden in bowl of red Jell-O on the dining room table.

The variety of a scavenger hunt depends on your creativity; however, searching for stuff is a lot of fun that children, teens and adults will find intriguing.

Here are some phrases to use for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Under the light that scares of ghouls (referring to a Jack-O-Lantern)

Where the witch's assistant eats his food (referring to the cat's bowl)

Where dead bodies are buried (referring to a pet cemetery)

Where sister puts on her eyes (referring to a makeup table)

…the choices are endless and are really based on the location of the scavenger hunt and the experiences that the participants had in that place.

Be creative and have fun!

More Halloween Game Ideas

I've found plenty of Halloween games you can buy online. They are all related to our spooky holiday and they are all fun for kids. These games aren't expensive and are very easy to set up. Take a look and see if you like the spider ring toss or the Halloween Limbo the best! Halloween Party Games

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