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Halloween and it's history...We can thank the ancient Celts for the holiday we now know as Halloween, and for Jack-O-Lanterns and getting treats.. It all began as the Celtic holiday of Samhain. Samhain is pronounced "sow-ain", and it was the day when summer or the light part of the year ended and winter or the dark part of the year began.

Samhain was also believed to be a magical day when the spirits of those who had passed on could walk among the living. It was a holiday that lasted for three days. When the Catholic church came to this area it tried to stamp out the old beliefs, but could not. The Church decided to incorporate the three day holiday into three separate days, October 31 became All Hallows Eve or Hallowe’en, November 1 became All Saints Day and November 2 became All Soul's Day. It's ironic that the Catholic Church incorporated these days into it's calendar and many people view Halloween as an Unholy day!

Today most of the history of where Halloween came from and why is unknown to us. We only know it is a time of trick or treating and wearing costumes...and we know we like to dress up and pretend we are something else! And we know Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. Halloween grows in popularity every year. Did you know Halloween decorating and costume shopping put Halloween second only to Christmas in terms of holiday spending.

Halloween Costume Shopping

Kids and adults shop for costumes anticipating the Halloween parties they will be going to, or to wear for trick or treating! There are so many different kinds of Halloween decorations to buy and there are also many Hallween attractions to visit, like haunted houses and haunted hayrides.

One year I took a ride in a hearse on a haunted tour! We rode by haunted fields, graveyards and even went out by 13 bumps...a dark and scary stretch of road with literally 13 bumps in it. I also visited a "haunted" prison on a Halloween time tour. Terror on Church street was one of the scariest Halloween attractions I was ever in! Look in your local newspapers to find out where there's a fun Halloween attraction near you!

If your looking for unique and scary Halloween decorations you should check out BuyCostumes.com. They have a huge assortment of costumes and party decorating ideas!

Where to Find Halloween Costumes:

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  • Masks

You can find Halloween Decorating Accessories whether your looking for creepy, scary or spooky.

Where To Get

Get all the fun Halloween party supplies and ideas you need for this years frightfully fun costume party. It's time to get ready for Halloween!

Men and Women's Halloween Ideas

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Need to know more about Halloween party supplies? Looking for something, but can't find it? Contact us and we will help!

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