Halloween Party Planning Ideas

Easy Halloween party planning ideas...no nightmares for you!

Have No Fear...The superhero Halloween party planner guide is here to help with all your party supply and planning needs. Get the simple tips and tricks you need for your Successful Halloween costume party. Or any kind of party!

#1: No Worries

It can get pretty crazy when you are planning a party. That's why you should give yourself enough time and stay organized. Write a list and check off each item as it's completed. This is supposed to be a fun event! (remember to breathe)

#2: Pick A Party Theme

A theme party can help you to plan your party. It gives you some rules...though they are not written in stone. Keep your decorations within the theme you have chosen for your Halloween party! There are plenty of fun Halloween themes to pick from. Read over a few and see if you don't start getting ideas of your own! Make a general list of party supplies you will need for any party.

So What Kind of Costume party should you have this Halloween? Is it for kids or adults? Get the party planner guide to help you organize!
What are the top costume picks this year? What Halloween decorations do you have left over from last years Frightfully fun monster bash? Check out your old decorations and party supplies first. Jot down a quick list of what you have and check them off your "Have to get list".

The Pumpkin Patch Party

This is a nice, unscary pleasant party theme for everyone. Why not paint or carve pumpkins as part of the evenings activities, or have everyone bring their own decorated pumpkins. Put on some Music...Halloween music is best, and have a great time. This is a pretty easy party theme.

A Monster Mash Party Theme

Have everyone come dressed up as a monster! You will see some friendly monsters, like Herman Munster and some scary monster costumes like the clown from Saw. Get some Halloween music going and have a monster mash dance contest, or just a plain old costume contest...with prizes for the cutest monster, the scariest monster and the biggest monster costume. It's always fun to give out some creepy candied eyeballs, or some other funny, but gross party prize.

A Scary Movie Fest

This kind of party doesn't require an entire costume...just some fun, scary props. Get some bones and leave them laying around, make a jello brain mold, and put some frozen hands in the punch bowl. A little red food dye in your popcorn's butter and your set to watch some of the scariest movies you can think of with your friends! I love scary movies! I'm not the one who jumps and screams the entire movie...I only jump and scream once or twice. I am also the one you hear yelling, "no, don't open it...No...NO!" I hate it when the movie actors don't listen to your very sound advice!

Twilight's New Moon Halloween Party Ideas

This is a good Halloween party ideas for tweens and teens. Take your ideas right from the Twilight Novels. You can find our suggestions at Twilight Party Ideas

There are four fun party ideas for Halloween. Next, after you have chosen your party theme you are going to need to:

#3 Pick a Party Time and Date

Pick a date that's good for you and of course it should be on or near Halloween. Once that's done it's time to make your guest list and get some party invitations. You can buy or make invitations.
Once you get your invites write them out and mail them, unless you are going to use some free email invitations. Make sure to use an RSVP so you will have an idea of how many guests you are going to have.

#4 Halloween Party Food Ideas

Find some fun Halloween recipe guide
Figure on several appetizers for each guest, enough lunch meat and rolls for everyone to have at least one sandwich...get extras so you have enough. Punch and desserts will complete your party menu. Make sure to have enough to drink...people may drink a quart of soda or punch each during the evening. Make enough desserts so each guest can have two servings. Put some novelty candies out too, after all, it is Halloween!
You can keep your party foods simple, but make them fun. If you decide on pizza, make some scary monster faces on it with cut up vegetables and cheeses. Brain jello molds can also be used to make a cream cheese and salsa dip, cheese circles and sliced olives look like eyeballs on foods. Be prepared for people who have special dietary needs. Prepare as much of your food as you can the day before your party. Make sure you have plenty of ice cubes, check to make sure you have enough serving dishes.

# 5 Party Decorations

Take some ideas from you Halloween party planner guide. Get it right Here You can find all kinds of Halloween party supplies and decorations. Take a look at some paper plate and napkin patterns in your chosen theme. See our Halloween party supplies to pick out the best pattern for your theme. Buy more than you need or have some plain party supplies on hand just in case. More is better when you are having company.
Get cute pumpkin cut outs or scary monster props to decorate. Spider webs are a cheap decorating idea. You can find them at a party store or just click the party supplies link for lots of fun, fun Halloween decorating ideas.

#6 Halloween Party Activities

Plan some fun Halloween Party Games. For the pumpkin party theme, get paints and pumpkins, for the Monster Mash party ideas get put some gross feeling ingredients in a bag and cover it up. Let each guest stick their hand in and try to guess what that gooey stuff is. Make it creative! Make up a Scary movie trivia game for your Movie Fest. And Play some Twilight Charades or Jeopardy for your Twilight party
You can find everything you need right here! For Halloween costumes, Halloween recipes, and decorating ideas just click on the links provided.

A party is fun, so make sure you get as much ready the day before as you can. If you find you forgot something at the last minute, just forget it! It's not about being perfect, it's about fun!

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