Halloween Party Ideas

There are so many scary Halloween party ideas and they are all fun too! Halloween is a great party season no matter what your age is. Everyone likes to play dress up at Halloween, and that means Costume Party!

Gruesome Deluxe Party Kit

Gruesome Deluxe Party Kit

How about some Halloween lights to "Spark" up your Halloween party

Light Up Gothic Skull Fence

Light Up Gothic Skull Fence

Whether the party is for children, tweens, teens, adults, or a mix of the ages, you can host a great, scary Halloween party. When hosting a scary Halloween party, you can simply have a social event with casual conversation or you can have a Halloween costume party, prepare games to play and even have a Costume contest.

How about some scary Halloween wall decorations?

These activities would be great additions to your scary Halloween party:

  • Make a tombstone
  • Pumpkin carving contest
  • Scary scavenger hunt (can be for body parts, etc)
  • Witch body parts (many 'body parts' are on a table to be put back together)
  • Scary story contest
  • Haunted house
  • Murder mystery
  • Scary sound effects

For any Halloween party, the mood should start before your guests enter the house. Yep...That means Halloween decorations for outside! You can make tombstones or you can arrange a giant spider, made out of a garbage bag to greet your guests. At the very least you should get some kind of Halloween door decorations so you can create the Halloween, scary mood.

Remember how much fun Halloween Party Ideas can be!

The Halloween party games:

  • The murder mystery game
  • scary story contest
  • scary sound effects
  • costume contest
along with the look of a haunted house you created, will help your guests get into the mood right away. Your decor at the party should also make those little hairs on the back of your guests' neck stand straight up. Fake body parts, hidden messages for help or warnings, moving objects, scary noises, and moving shadows will do the trick.

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Spooky foods can also help to set the mood, such as:

  • Edible eyeballs
  • Gummy worms
  • Edible body parts

How's this for some creepy candy!

You can find that Scary Halloween Candy here. Take a look at the gross selection of bloody and gory treats you will find at Oriental Trading. They are the masters of gory candy at Halloween.

How about using a latex or rubber glove to make an ice cube in the shape of a hand for the punch? Or you can put plastic bugs or raisins in ice cubes! Here are some pretty grusome Halloween food ideas...if you dare to Try them!

Halloween Balloons are fun!

Get something to put on the front of your house to delight the trick or treaters and all your guests. Try Halloween Door Decorations

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Want a good teenage or tween Halloween party idea? How about a Twilight or New Moon theme? The party supplies will be out in September for this popular vampire and human romance saga written by Stephenie Meyer. Kids and adults alike have fallen for that dreamy Edward Cullen, played by Rob Pattinson. Take a look at our Twilight Party Ideas

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