Halloween Party Games Ideas

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Here is a picture of a Spider Halloween Dessert made from a Twinkie.  Make your own scary party foods, it is easy.

Here is a picture of a Spider Halloween Dessert made from a Twinkie. Make your own scary party foods, it is easy.

Someone emailed me and asked about Halloween party games ideas...the question was: What are some party games for Halloween? I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday next to Christmas. The crisp autumn air, the leaves changing color and the funny Halloween costumes you see. Everyone is excited as this dress up holiday comes closer. It is a very fun time of year in my house.

Here are some Halloween party games ideas I thought of:

Halloween Chicken Candy Corn Game

Scatter candy corn all over the yard before the party begins and guests arrive. When it's time to begin the fun, partner up all guests. Each team will work together to find the most corn. The fun begins when the rules are explained. One partner will be the chicken- flapping his/her wings, strutting around and clucking when corn is found. The other partner must listen to his/her partner chicken to find the corn and collect it in their bucket. No one is allowed to talk, with the exception of the clucking by the "chicken." Set a timer and the team with the most corn at the end is the winner!

Costume Scavenger Hunt For Halloween

A Costume scavenger hunt is the perfect party game for Halloween. Form teams of two or three kids...what ever number works for the amount of guests you have. Give each team a disposible camera and send them off around the block to get pictures of Halloween costumes and other decorations.

You scavenger list might look something like this:

A Witch costume
A Zombie
A Pet costume
A Spider web
A Carved pumpkin
A Scarecrow
A Princess costume

The ideas for your scavenger hunt clues goes on and on. It can be anything you want and Halloween gives you lots of fun ideas. Your list can focus on different costumes or you can make your clue list up with different kinds of candies...just think about your favorite things on Halloween and put them down as your list items. You can even make a list based on colors rather than things.

I think the kids will enjoy this game Mom and you should follow behing them with a camera of your own and take pictures of them taking pictures!

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