Halloween Party Game Ideas

Halloween party game ideas are just what your Fright Fest needs!

Why? What's your favorite part of a party? Party games!!

It doesn’t take a big prize (or even any prize at all) to get kids happy and excited, adults do too, while they are playing games. Even if it's friendly competition, games bring a thrill.

Here are a few Halloween party game ideas to help you liven up your Halloween party.

  • Spooky Charades
  • Bobbing for Apples
  • A Haunted House
  • Storytelling
  • Hide and Seek
  • The Great Pumpkin Search

  • Of course some games work better than others for different party settings. Charades is good night or day, as is bobbing for apples, but a haunted house, storytelling, and hide and seek are obviously best at night.

    The “Great Pumpkin Search” is where you hide small pumpkins (at least one for each child) in or outside of the house and then send your guests looking. Once they have found their own pumpkin, they can carve or decorate it (depending on the age of the children). This is fun AND gives the kids something they can take home.

    If you’re having an especially long party, here are a few more Halloween activity ideas:

  • A Scavenger Hunt
  • Cupcake Decorating
  • Crafts(like making their own masks or trick-or-treat bags)
  • Halloween Movies (from scary favorites like Dracula to more kid-friendly classics like Casper)

  • Pumpkin painting is a great Halloween Party game! It's fun and easy. Painting a pumpkin also takes care of the party favor! Each guest can bring his or her pumpkin home to keep> Here is an easy guide to help you plan this fun Halloween activity.

    Halloween Pumpkins That Outlast Carved Jack-O-Lanterns By Months! Click here!

    Giving the kids plenty of activities to choose from helps to make sure that no one feels left out. If your games are planned to be played indoors and out, lots of planned activities can actually save the party if there is bad weather you were not expecting. You can still keep your crowd entertained and happy.

    More Halloween party game ideas:

    Haunted Hula Hoop Contest

    Hula Hoops in black and orange make a great Halloween party game. You can have a contest to see who can spin the most hula hoops around their waist!

    Halloween Bingo

    Use pictures or words on a bingo page. You can be the caller and pick words out of a spooky container (or an old coffee can with Halloween paper wrapped on it) and call each word out. The first person to get an entire line of words crossed out wins a prize.

    Halloween Find a Word

    Use a find a word puzzle with halloween words on it. Each player will need a word sheet and a pencil. The one who finds the most Halloween words wins!

    You can make Halloween find a word and bingo yourself. It can be time consuming. You can find them here in a Halloween printable games version for about 7.00. Halloween A to Z

    Halloween Outburst

    Outburst is one of my favorite games, but you don't need to buy a game to play it.

    Form two teams and choose a team leader. give each team leader a list of Halloween related words or phrases with a main topic. The team leader must get his team to shout out words related to his lists main topic. As the words are called out the leader can cross them off his list. The harder you make the topics and words, the more fun this is. Everyone tries to yell more and more words, and it's quite a challenge! It's also funny to see your team mate start to yell clues to the opposing team! Lots of laughs.

    Looking for some "Spooktacular" Halloween Party Game Ideas?
    Well here it is.

    Name That Organ

    This is a spooky, gross and funny game. Put items into bags. (Like spaghetti, olives, raw liver, sausage, anything that could be mistaken for a body part...how about some dough in a glove to make it feel like a hand!). Give each guest who wants to play a pair of latex gloves or keep the food items in zip lock bags. Let the partiers feel each "body part" and have someone write down what each guest thinks it is. It's fun to read the responses later and of course, who ever guesses the most right answers will win a prize.

    Another fun activity for your Halloween party is decorating your own cupcake.

    You can get all different kinds of icing, including one black and one orange...white with some orange food coloring, and different kinds of candy toppers. Gum drops, red hots, and licorice can make some funny and spooky decorations on cupcakes. Try it. You can also have a contest for the scariest, the prettiest, the funniest cupcake patterns.

    Still want more Halloween party game ideas? How about letting everyone paint their own pumpkin? It will also double a great party favor by letting everyone take theirs home.

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