Halloween Jokes For Kids

Halloween jokes for kids. You know, those short hilarious jokes that contain words like BOO-tiful or scare-spray...made just for that October dress up holiday kids and adults look forward to all year long.

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That's why we made this page and filled it with clean, short funny jokes that are perfect for children of all ages. You will only find Halloween jokes for kids on this page and each one will make you chuckle. Some will make you laugh a deep belly laugh cause some of them are just hilarious. And Halloween is all about fun...shocking fun sometimes, but fun all the same.

Clean Short Funny Halloween Jokes For Kids

Here are some Halloween jokes for kids. Give your kids a laugh with these funny, short jokes. I love knock knocks and one liners...and here you go, you have a page full of them. You may a get some groans, but it is more likely you will get lots of chuckles with these silly, clean short funny jokes that have Halloween written all over them.

  • Why is it that when witches are angry they do not ride their broomsticks? A: They’re afraid they might fly off the handle.

  • In the skeleton beauty contest who won? A: Nobody.

  • Before dining, what do skeletons say? A: Bone-appetit.

  • Baby ghosts go where during the day? A: A Dayscare Center.

  • When Frankenstein went to prom, who did he take? A: His ghoulfriend.

  • What is a monsters favorite play? A: Romeo and Ghoulet.

  • Humans use hairspray, witches use what? A: A witch will use scare-spray.

  • What do you get when take Bambi and cross it with an ghost? A: Bam-boo…

  • Spooks make what kind of mistakes? A: Spooks make boo boos.

  • Monsters eat what type of cereal? A: Ghost O’s.

  • What monster has webbed feet, feathers and fangs and quacks? A: Count Duck-ula.

  • What will tweety bird say on Halloween? A: Twicker Tweet.

  • Spooks waterski on what body of water? A: Lake Erie.

  • What happened to a man who failed to pay his exorcist? A: He was later repossessed.

  • What will a ghost eat for lunch? A: A Ghost will eat Boo-logna sandwiches for lunch.

  • Mummies swim where for exercise? A: In the dead sea.

  • What is a pumpkins ratio for circumference to diameter? A: Pumpkin Pie.

  • What will a ghost buy their food each day? A: At a ghost-ery store.

  • Where will a ghost go to mail a letter? A: The ghost office.

  • What does a ghost enjoy most at the carnival? A: A roller ghoster.

  • How is a Jack O Lantern mended? A: With the pumpkin patch.

  • When will skeletons laugh? A: When the funny bone is tickled.

  • Why was a mummy so tense? A: He was too wound up.

  • Where did a goblin throw a football? A: Over a ghoul line.

  • What will a skeleton order at the restaurant? A: Spare ribs.

  • What will a goblin mail to his home while vacationing? A: Ghost-cards.

  • What is a ghosts preference for a game? A: Hide & Shriek.

  • What will a baby ghost wear for shoes? A: Booties.

  • What will a boy ghost say to a girl ghost? A: You look so bootiful tonight.

  • What will a ghost put on their cereal for breakfast? A: Boo-berries.

  • Where do ghosts haunt? A: On the dead ends.

  • Who would the ghost invite to a party? A: Anyone who got digged up.

  • What will a ghost drink during breakfast? A: A cup of coffee with sugar and scream.

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Get some hilarious birthday jokes for kids or some more Halloween jokes. Kids love jokes and these are short clean funny Halloween jokes...and birthday jokes that are perfect for kids. Give your kids a laugh today!

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