Halloween in Poland

by Sandra
(Saskatoon, SK Canada)

Do the people in Poland celebrate Halloween?

The Polish people do not celebrate Halloween as such; no trick or treating, carved pumpkins or any of the usual North American traditions.

There has been of in recent years local bars hosting Halloween events where those that want to dress up and party have the opportunity; costume contests and all. Poland does however observe All Saints Day.

The country has a strong Catholic base and All Saints Day (the basis of Halloween) to the extent that it is a National holiday. On this day the dead are honored and traditions dictate the placement of flowers and candles. The candles are meant to light the way for the spirits.

One of the interesting things about Poland is almost all their holidays are based on religious overtones. This leaves little room for frivolity and perhaps as compensation the Polish people love to dress in their folk costumes at weddings and other important social events.

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